Sunday, 1 March 2015

Runnymead. "Birthplace of modern democracy"

Is this a fair thing to say?

For starters the Magna Carta was a transfer of wealth and power from king to barons. Whence democracy?

If you actually bother to read it, as most historians have not evidently, you will see it calling for Jews to be stripped of their assets and for whites to be given them. Whence democracy.

The barons then are the wealthy and powerful today just like then. Nothing important has changed then. Whence democracy?

OK so we have democracy today. And whence justice?

The law set in concrete at Runnymead is not in and of itself justice. Yet it's the law we still have today.

Honey Trap Psychology

Here's an experiment you can try if you know you're about to enter a debate or row:

Take a belief closest to your heart, that others are complaining about and start speaking directly against it.

Or do the same with something you're fiercely opposed to which others support and start speaking for it.

This may seem like a waste of time. But if you do it authentically, things you could not see before will appear as if by magic.

The secret is due to a honey trap you set up for the others, yet accidentally for yourself.

If you dont manage to do it authentically - remain attached to your beliefs throughout - it won't work and you will not have made progress.

Why are we telling you this? Because if you were blind before and now can see, what's not to like?

Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Heretic

To say everyone is to blame, and every One has potential to do something about it, is heresy.

To say no One has the power to change anyone else, and everyone can change them self, is heresy.

Becoming a traitor - being apostate.

In politics and religion, to look deeper than doctrine allows is forbidden.

To seek beyond 'our god' means heresy and deserves the most severe punishment under the law.

While within the party and not seeking beyond it, you are a friend of the party.

When you search beyond the whip you become it's biggest traitor.

To point out there is more to life than every dogmatic belief system, makes you a bigger threat than merely remaining in competitive opposition to the doctrine, party or religion.

To say no One has the power to change anyone else, and everyone can change them self, is heresy.

To say everyone is to blame, and every One has potential to do something about it, is heresy.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Security is a myth - The honey trap

People actually believe that security in any form is good for us, helps society in some way or is necessary in order to live well.

But its a form of collective paranoia. It's existence runs counter to all the above virtues.

People believe we have something valuable to lose by leaving our material wealth unsecured. But this is just a belief, its not real.

Its a fantasy that we can actually own anything. Exclusive ownership of material stuff - ownership 'rights' are pure fantasy.

Ownership is just a rule written down on a piece of paper, an idea invented by men. It has no basis in nature.

That is, nature cares little about what you write on pieces of paper declaring your ownership of her. That you work hard for her, were given her as charity or stole her from others... nature mocks your delusion.

Do not make the mistake of building a communist straw man here and shooting him down. Even Marxists and socialists believe in ownership, so long as it is they who do the owning.

Imagine this: if everything you owned were stolen, why would that be a problem given the world is not running out of anything?

And by letting the thief go without a fuss would you not have done good to thief, an act of love which the world certainly is short of.

Given history testifies that the more people born, the more wealth can be created per person, the world has abundant and growing wealth, and there is no sign of this ending despite the doctrine of the resource limit terrorists.

There will always be plenty of other stuff ready for the taking if for whatever reason you temporarily fall short. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Do not go all biblical here. Even children not yet conditioned by society know this already by intuition.

So why is everyone so worried about security? Because for some deeper reason we still hide a terrifying fear that we are running out of everything.

We hide that fear because the world only believes in material life. And ownership of material stuff is all there is to life. So, in order to live more, one must get more wealth.

But what if, as the quantum indicates, there is more to life than the material world? We're not saying there is. But given this evidence surely it deserves scientific investigation?

We can understand why the security 'industry' want people to remain permanently sectionable. Its a nice little earner: slowing down IT with security applications, making it harder to get into your own home, harder to startup work, harder to get into your own and car, and then charging you a rent to "help us stay safe".

Not only is security a myth. Its a protection racket too. Security is a total dead weight cost to society. Completely unnecessary. It could be abolished with no risk or loss.

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden etc etc are basket cases for paranoid men, mirroring a society living in The Matrix. They still believe they are helping the world. All they've done is help cover up yet further that security is a myth and intensified the peoples paranoia in a spectacular display of ego driven planet saving.

Security is a collective myth. To end it does not require a revolution, rebellion or paradigm shift. "Acts" are no good. All it needs is for each of us to observe the fantasy for what it is and integrate that into our psyche.

To wake up.

MeltFund clients do not fear the loss of wealth because we know there is plenty for everyone already. And we pay more attention instead to the more valuable things that money cannot buy and live freely because of it.

MeltFund leaves security honey traps lying around all over the place. If you walk into one of our traps and take our stuff thats OK. Like we keep saying: the loss of our wealth is not a problem. And we'll have left you a nice little surprise for later.

So try to get your psyhce around the idea that Security is a Myth. Its a tough one because there are billions of droids who do not agree.

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Etymology of The Matrix, is The Womb

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Does anyone have rights to anything, especially equal rights?

Let's define what we mean by rights:

A right is a privilege granted by the state to groups of individuals. Rights are protected by the laws we decide.

So as far as that goes *some* people have rights.

Now what about the people who do not get these rights for whatever reason? We now have a situation where some are privileged and some are not, thanks to rights. Is that a good situation?

What before was an open book and uncertain, is now definitely unjust.

So we might then say: "thats OK, give everyone equal rights and call it the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights"

Fair enough. But has there ever been a time where the entire population had rights all at the same time?

And if we genuinely wanted to bring this about, who can say how costly would be the almighty bureaucracy needed to uphold them for all people in perpetuity, not to mention the corruption that would incentivise?

But more tricky than all that, has the UN declaration covered all rights for all people already, let alone the biggest and most important rights stranded in the wilderness of wisdom. That is, even if what they call for worked perfectly, are there bigger rights still not covered by this piece of paper which leave most people still without equal privilege?

Yes, there are. No one is yet free to use the free land of the planet without prior permission and payment. But no man created any of that land and all of it from which one can make a living is enclosed. The whole world has been sold and is being rented out... by men, for more profit than any other asset and no one paid a penny or spent a single hour of labour on its creation.

The silence on this is deafening in the UN declaration. This is the biggest effort ever made yet whence equal rights?

Is it not so absurd that a child born in the morning is committing a crime if one day when it is able, walks onto the ground of another nation without first asking their permission?

So, we are now in a very difficult place. We think that rights are inherently a good thing. But are they, given they're only a set of rules dreamt up by a few men.

And does nature herself pay any attention to them. No! The sun shines and the rain falls on the righteous and the sinner in equal amount, this is certain.

Was it a better place before the idea of rights were invented by men? OK so life then was utterly open to the laws of nature. But at least there were no institutions deliberately creating an unjust tyranny of rights as we have today.

Isn't the natural form of equal rights, no rights at all? Where people behave in a way that no longer requires them? You know, where looking after my brother, sister and my enemies is a first duty, with no reward or other kind of public respect expected for doing that.

What has happened here then. Unintended consequences founded on good intentions. Might it be that by latently declaring man as master of the universe and making up our own laws we've introduced a world in opposition to nature.

We've created a sustainable world before we know much about natures profundity: who we are, where we come from and where we are going. And the consequences are? Human rights.

In ancient times when man was new to these ideas of rights, the scrolls and codices spoke wisely about this. They were still humble enough to know that they did not know about very much of importance. And they were wise enough to recognise they still had quite a way to go before any rights could be declared. They associated the call for equal rights back then "the sacred cow" or said "you must be crazy to want a king instead of god".

In a thousand years what will today's sacred king of human rights be projecting into the future?:

"Instead of looking in the mirror at who we really are before passing judgement on others, we are going to throw that obligation onto a new modern day God we'll call The State. 'He' will look after and protect us. He will give us equal rights. We no longer need a God now man is master of the universe."

As the prophets have always said: "So be it!"

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

9 out of 10 emergency services calls, are not emergencies

So if you have a genuine emergency and 9 of the ambulances that are dealing with non emergencies cannot get to you, how will you feel.

The tax payer pays all the emergency drivers and managers wages and these greedy civil servants seem quite happy about it.

We heard them say recently:

"Oh but the people want attention for anything these days, what can we do?" to throw the blame onto the people who pay their wages. We're asking them to take it to the top immediately and make a huge fuss about it.

But no, they were on an official national go slow recently. The entire service is systemically corrupt scrounging tax payers hard earned.

The truth is that its very convenient for them they're called 10 times as much as is necessary - more job creationism more unearned wages in their back pockets of course.

How do we know this? Show me how much effort they're putting into finding out root cause and what to do about all the extra calls. None?

Just like 90% of the civil service, they're not actually needed and that nothing changes is fine by them. Doing their duty only 10% of the time. Talk about lazy.

Another benefit scrounging make work scheme, funded by the tax payer, costing far more than the impact of immigration. And the drivers and managers are Brits.

Let's sack the unneeded 9 out of 10 emergency workers and if any of them complain offer to driven them straight to the airport and good riddance.