Thursday, 27 November 2014

Security is a myth. So get rid of it and save money

We're talking about all forms of security.

MeltFund is saying security will no longer be required once the real level of theft is understood by people in general.

Security has developed into a neurotic hysteria held by the majority of people who live an entire life constantly in a mild state of fear of theft.

Ask yourself, with great care, these questions over the next few weeks:
  1. What exactly are you afraid of that requires so much security?
  2. If you are robbed due to not using security why will that be a problem anyway. What is it you will no longer have enough of?
  3. How many thieves are there as a proportion of all people?
  4. What is the total global market size of thieving in say US$ dollars?
  5. If we could show you the law provides the only incentive to steal what would you do about it?
  6. If there were zero security would there be more thieves than before and how many?
  7. If there were zero security would the market size for thieving grow and by how much?
  8. Are you the only person who is not a thief?
  9. Who is the only real beneficiary of security?
  10. If you decide security is a myth and stop using it, how would you feel then?
  11. If we could show you the law of all nations does not inherently object to theft, how would you feel?
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Slavery is never forced onto slaves

Slaves, in all times and all places, have always willingly submitted their freedom.

Except for extraordinary cases slaves have always been free to run away from their master.

The challenge for the freeman is this: is what is gained from it just good enough in exchange for submission to a master.

As with any free trade the answer is almost without exception, yes.

Even 19th century negro slaves following abolition were only freeing from one kind of shackle and locking into another, as gradually they sold their new acres and started paying rent or mortgage interest to farm what for a short while was their free land.

Even the modern corporate slave on high salary can only just cover the economic rent - as mortgage interest - with just enough left over to buy food and clothing. Mum and Dad once again both need to work to pay the rent and then need welfare donations from the protective master state to fund their children's growth.

Today there are more slaves in the world than ever in history in proportion to the total population. Most people are slaves today and will be offended by this observed fact. But is it untrue?

We can quibble about the definition of a slave. But so what. If what you have left over after the rent has been taken out is only just enough not to run away to freedom, then to all intents you are a slave and it was fully your choice.

Slaves only ever blame the poorer slave, never their master. Because to do so would be absurd. The slave voted for it. And to go after your master would mean less childcare donations and so on. The slave always elects his own master.

The poor negro was at least fed, clothed,  housed and kept in good enough condition by their master to keep producing else the master would have been deemed feckless by his peers.

Just as is the modern slave. No corporate allows its employees to be mistreated too much or to get too unhealthy.

No major difference exists between new and old. Nothing changes in the world that is important.

So the slave,  in all times and all places must be weighing up the benefits and willingly choosing slavery over freedom.

No corporate ever forced a slave into the work. The employee always chooses it, with every opportunity to run off to the 'free land' right there waiting.

So the slave is the real problem. Not the master. The people. Not government.

MeltFund is telling you your beliefs are harming you. So stop believing.

MeltFund is telling you your beliefs are harming you.

So stop believing. And start knowing.

How does one do this?

First, look in the mirror.

OK. So at this point you are presented with probably the most difficult choice of your life. This is where MeltFund sympathises with you. And where we will give you as much love as it takes.

When we say love, we do not mean the sentimental or romantic kind. We mean authentic love. Given away for free, no expectation of pay back in any way, all in secret.

If you look in the mirror with courage, you might start to see who you really are, free from the protection of family, friends and state. No scapegoats any more. No cop outs. No excuses. Free now to see who you are, where you came from and where you have an opportunity to start going... if you are brave and like adventure.

We hear you. This will be a scary moment. It may take many tries. You may fall back and return later. We know of no one who has seen it all. That's OK, so long as you keep coming back and take a good look at who you really are. At least now you'll be looking in the right direction and finally have a chance of being the creator of your own potential as a person.

Once on this evolutionary path of your own creation, it will become obvious to you that who you thought you were before was just a belief. Or the world view you had was just something someone had told you to believe in as a way to manipulate you. Often by making you fear death or worry about becoming poor, or cause a hysteria that the world cannot provide enough for you - to make you believe them - a 'drug dealer'.

You never knew about these beliefs by self discovery.

Beliefs are not internally created. That is, they are not knowledge. Beliefs are fed to you by drug dealers seeking attention because as people they are deeply insecure about themselves. And need your worship to make them feel better. They need you, to believe in what they believe. There never existed a drug dealer who was not addicted to their own drugs.

Today the world is full of armies of drug dealers claiming to be saving the planet. And really only interested in feeding their ego's with blue pills. Charity, philanthropy, climate change terrorists, economic reformers, freedom fighters, most politicians and priests, revolutionaries, poverty mitigation groups and so on are a basket case for it.

All are hard at work trying to make you believe, in what they believe in - that taking these belief drugs will help you find life, and then wealth. None are trying to help you to look in the mirror. Of course! There is no reward for them in that. It's done in extravagant displays of saving the world... no love, no silence.

Remarkably most world leaders, property lords, bankers and the wealthy do not fall within this group.

So what's the remedy?

Look in the mirror. And try as hard as you can to love others, especially your enemies, with authenticity. An extraordinarily hard thing to do. If you can make it, there is a big chance you will find life, and then wealth.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

MeltFund's only social role is to point out stupid people

So that they at least have an opportunity to stop being stupid. And then to start finding life, and then wealth. No guarantees.

The alternative is to remain in submission to the protection of a 'father figure' - that is, anything with the word social in it.

Can you think of any better way to help people than pointing out their ignorance?

Some will call this rude, arrogant, patronising or project their feelings in other ways.

We ask them what social function they have performed to help people - to lie to them, to manipulate them, or to force people into changing themselves. And if those social functions actually had any effect other than to bury people even further into unconsciousness?

Show us any example in general where helping people to pretend that ignorance is OK,or that a little bit of bad will do good in the end, or that temporarily putting off the inevitable is better than dealing with difficult reality head on has ever worked for any one or any group of people in the end?

That is the objective of the Planet Saver - to help you to pretend that real life obligations can be avoided by taking the 'magic pill of denial' - the blue pill!

So. MeltFund is here to point out your stupidity. Then you are at the start of the road of affirmation of reality, at least. Then there is great hope that you will find life, and then wealth, finally.

Sure, if we can, we'll tell you about your ignorance with love. At first you will hate us for it. If you have a bold spirit for adventure, in the end you will make it and love us back. A win win due to our approach being authentic.

The approach of the Planet Saver is not in the least authentic and to teach you to be inauthentic too. Deeply insecure people who want to 'be seen by god'. The planet saver is the archetypal attention seeker.

"Look at me. I'm here to save you. All you need to do is take these pills of denial and everything will be fine."

The planet saver does not love you. They love themselves.

MeltFund is suggesting you ignore the planet saver, and look in the mirror. And then based on what you see, help yourself. We love you. It may sound rude. Get over it.

MeltFund has no guarantees. Facing reality is what you make of it. If there were no risk, or you had lots of social protection, where is the adventure of life in that. Could you call a life of protection, welfare, health and safety.. a life?!

BTW, the most stupid people of all as a class are not the rich or the poor per se. The most stupid people are anyone who thinks that working for a living will make them rich. And to deny that the only asset that rises in value, in all times and all places - is property.

We show you all about this in our consultation sessions and training course. By all means call for a quotation.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Get money. By any means. Because everyone will respect you no matter how you got it

We're not making a moral judgement or saying the getting of money is good or bad in itself.

We are pointing out hard core reality.

That if affirmed and integrated will help you find life, and then wealth.

If you object we can only asking you to go out onto the field and play the game of life. And observe what happens with your own eyes.

Show us any wealthy person who was not given the highest respect by every poor person, no matter how that wealthy person made their money?

No such rich or poor person exists or ever existed. Yes, there may be a few exceptions.  But we are looking for the general case not the marginal. We do not do "every little counts" as do planet savers.

And why do all people pay respect to money no matter how it was got?

Well that's the kind of million dollar knowledge we show you through consultation and training.

We are not a charity. By all means call for more information.

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No planet saver ever lost public respect by begging to the elite

Need we say more? Maybe a little. . .

Watch the behaviour of all planet savers. They only ever listen to, or appeal to, the famous, leaders, celebrity or media.

The elites are only there because the majority put them there. And the first hero to stand up and point this out will be in jeopardy.

We're not knocking the elite. They are justly there. None of them was ever put there by a minority. We are just pointing out hard core reality.

The planet saver knows this too well. So only ever pays respect to the elite

Watch them and observe this fact play out every single time. Never does the word of the silent messenger get a hearing. Notwithstanding the evidence.

Because the personal costs to the planet saver are greater than saving the planet.

No IT manager ever got fired for buying Microsoft.

No planet saver ever lost public respect by appealing to the elite.

So how likely are they to save the planet?

MeltFund forecast it perfectly once again - Property!

The old have all the property and do no work. The young have none and do everything.

We're not saying this is a good or bad thing or making a moral judgement. We are saying that if you get property you will never struggle and our descendants will effectively be your slaves.

We are pointing out hard core reality. That if affirmed can help one to find life, and then wealth. So do not take it personally. Integrate this knowledge and move from that basis.

It's not complex but does go very deep.