Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Only Way to Get Rich is to do This

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All The World's a Scam. And That's a Good Thing

And it's all legal. And there's no conspiracy because everyone's willingly involved in it.

What do we mean by a scam?

Some kind of enterprise where one of the two counterparties is receiving more income than was agreed on fairly at the point of exchange.

That is, one side is getting an unearned income, free from any additional work and investment.

We're not complaining about scams because we are involved in the biggest one ever ourselves - mortgage arbitrage. The bankers, libor, casino finance, blah blah are minnows in comparison. This one is miles bigger due to the number of members of public involved of all creeds and colour.

If you need to ask us what we mean by "everyone" by all means call to ask for clarification. However, if you need help with such a basic statement we will mark your name as disqualified from becoming a client... for life.

We are pointing out that scams exist, are perfectly legal, are ubiquitous in any economy, every single person alive is involved in at least a part of one, and that scams are the only way to be sure of a profit because all non scam activity is taxed heavily and scams are always tax free.

The biggest most systemic scam of all is home ownership via The Mortgage Pyramid. In the UK alone there are 15 million mortgaged home owners fully  involved in the scam and profiting nicely by virtue of their signatures on the mortgage contract. Sure, its their home too. But would it be their home if there were no profit in it? And what if its their second, third...etc, 'home'? We won't go into property owned outright free from debt. That is slightly less of a scam and a good one still. Anyone involved in a franchise or multilevel market is a feckless mug because property mortgage is far more lucrative.

Nevertheless, there is no bigger scam anywhere in the world and the majority of the democratic voting population is involved wholesale in it.

The only way for a hard working family to stay above water economically and together in love is to get onto the home owner ladder. All other enterprise will bring no reward. We don't blame them for doing it at all.

So what does all this mean given its not just our opinion, its experienced by everyone in fact? 

Well hang on. Everyone DOES deny it more than anything else denied. We're facing a much bigger problem and no one is aware of it, that is what it means.

This is The Good News for MeltFund clients. There is enormous opportunity if the entire world is in denial and we have 'knowledge'. No competition!

The coup de Grace is that no social reformer, media expert, academy professor, business leader or politician will ever talk about it for fear of losing their career. Brilliant, what better protection from investigation could you get - the whole world will operate in a sea of ignorance supported by our most respected institutions.

Go well.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why is Everyone Clueless About Greece Especially the Experts and Professors?


But money is really the thing we use with which to exchange wealth. Its not wealth in itself.

If you can integrate this knowledge into your psyche you will be smarter than every professor of economics.

The only economic value inherently within money is the paper its printed on, the money its coined out of and the electrons used to store it in a database. And these are almost infinitesimal. That is, they are worth nothing.

And that's a good thing too. If the money were expensive to mint it would be less valuable to society for its primary and only purpose - as a proxy for the real value of things its used to exchange. And if the money were expensive to mint, trade would be that much harder and less productive.

This is why using gold or anything which is expensive to produce as a standard of money is the worst idea in the history of economics. Sshhhh. Don't tell the gold bugs about it. By expensive to produce we mean requiring more labour and more previously created wealth than the cheaper alternative in terms of labour and capital.

If Greece wants to start its march to prosperity in the morning here is what it should do:
  1. DEFAULT: Tell its debtors it will not honour its agreement to repay its debt... period.
  2. Abolish all taxation and trade tariffs
  3. Start collecting the revenue required from the location value of property in its land. Its still owns it and has the power to confiscate any it does not own immediately. And its land is the most valuable economic factor in any nation because its the one thing you must have before any wealth can be produced at all
If anyone cares about point 1 tell them to come and get it but they'd better have a bigger army and be prepared for the consequences. If they threaten sanctions tell them:

"Fine, be our guest. Greece is about to adopt a policy that no sanction can overwhelm. Your sanctions will be cutting off your own nose to spite your face. Please go ahead and help our recovery with your sanctions"

By adopting point 2 the greatest block to employment and new enterprise will be removed immediately. The welfare state will diminish right away now those willing and able to work will find it that much more easily. And the pension funds will be permanently safe and increasing in value. The only challenge Greece now faces will be what to do with all the extra revenue from land rents. 

Collecting location values of its property has no effect on the nations productivity, rises in land values and rents are unearned by the property owner. They have a zero cost of production so it will be no harm to productive economic activity.

And now production is increasing sharply the demand for land on which to do all this extra producing there will increase too. Its rental value will rise in the same proportion. The net effect? The tax base for government revenue will increase.

And this kind of tax cannot be passed on to the tenant, nor can it be avoided by moving it out of the country to a tax haven. Try it! Its the only tax that cannot be avoided. If you don't pay up for the benefits of your location protected by the state, you will be evicted by the army. So this tax will ALWAYS be collected and you will have no doubt what you owe and accountants will become extinct.

And on ability to pay the tax, well if you cannot afford the benefit given by the protection government gives to your location then move aside for those who can. Besides, now you revenues will be rising you will be able to afford it all else being equal.

And if the property owner who never lifted a finger threatens to leave the country, then offer to drive them direct to the airport as you would with any benefit scrounger. Because as soon as this astonishing policy of prosperity hits the world news, will you be able to stop capital investment from flooding into Greece now that production has become so cheap?

Capital is no longer being taxed so this nation will be where the most profit can be made, all else being equal. Ditto for the hard worker. And will you need immigrants now wages have risen by as much as the tax has been abolished - 50% is how much wages and profits will increase in general.

Can you imagine how high Greece would climb within a few seasons?

Why will this perfect economic policy never be adopted by Greece?

Because we all like a gamble and a free lunch, even if that means our children have no future - we want to keep thinking psychotically - that money = wealth and that land = capital.

And what is the policy Greece proposes today? To RAISE TAXES even more. And the result of this will be?

So be it. At MeltFund we're certain and confident this astonishing taxless state we propose in our 3 point plan will never exist anywhere. And while business and hard work are taxed highly, the unearned rising incomes from property ownership will remain protected from tax to that extent - that is our main business and we own a lot of Greece.

Watch all the experts on TV today. Utterly clueless and very well paid.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

MeltFund Loves a Good Rent Seeking Scam - Health and Safety Psychosis.

Health and Safety Psychosis, has now become a legal term.

Used to define social mechanisms claiming to be "here to help and protect you", yet in reality job creation schemes effectively scrounging benefits from hard working tax payers.

As an acute reminder of the depth of the scam, the poorest class contribute the largest proportion of their earnings to the tax man.

So the law is correct to define this as a psychosis because its harming those least able to cope most of all. Ironically it does more harm than good and with impunity. Its a disgrace because it does it all under the banner of "saving the world".

A good example is the emergency service in the UK - 9 out of 10 emergency calls are not emergencies yet the service is quite happy about that.

We take off our hat to them - excellent rent seeking.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

MeltFund Discovers Radical New Technology Which Only Benefits Hard Work, The Skilful and Enterprise

We have bought a start up who've recently finished development of a radical new technology.

Unlike all other technology, this is truly innovative, because its the first time in the history of industry that a new technology will benefit those who employ it rather than only property owners within that economic system.

You may well ask "what are you talking about, all new technology benefits everyone".

Well that is the habitual thought of nearly all people, yet does it? We can show you how all new technology until now only increases rent and property selling prices in the end once generally adopted. In the end the people using all new technology until now always end up paying higher rents and more for property in the same proportion the technology increases productive power.

Sure the inventor sometimes wins due to a short term monopoly on it. But in general even the inventor is quickly bought out by venture capital for the "property rights", *not* the technology itself.

Nevertheless, our new technology is radically different. Because there is only an earned income in it. No windfalls, privileges, state protections, taxes, subsidies, handouts, welfare, or monopolies - no unearned incomes - are possible with this new technology.

Only "earned incomes" or that is, only the earnings of people who add to the common stock of wealth by doing work, being skilful and showing enterprise will benefit.

We cannot reveal yet exactly what it is but will be delivering a one off presentation in the city next Friday evening for any investors interested.

By all means call to arrange a seat. 07786 078836

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Francisees all operate on the margin of bankruptcy

And franchisors never lose and profits are guaranteed.

How come?

Because a franchisor owns the 'property' in the branding. And that commands an economic rent from the franchisee 'tenant'.

So how come they're always on the margin? Because like all first class landlords the franchisee will always charge the maximum rent the market can bear. And that rent is everything above the margin of production. So the franchisee is always teetering on the margin.

What about the successful franchisee? They must have been scmming customers in some way to get ahead of the margin of course there is no other way.

The libertarian will howl bput this knowledge. They will say there is no rent in a brand property. It's simple to correct this fantasy. Ask them how much they pay the government to protect t the brand from competition? Job done.

The franchisee business is not an enterprise. It's a legalised pyramid.

So be it.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunday Morning Worship. Our Sermon Today is on Climate Change

"Climate change is an effect of something much deeper. Its not a cause of anything nor a cause to fight for in itself. Its an effect of a deeper cause and this deeper cause is where the fighting must be done. That deeper cause is a place where no one wants to go yet, even the fighters against climate change. Especially them because the sham keeps them well paid in money, public respect and ego trips for 'saving us'. So any mitigation is futile because the underlying cause being denied by all must then have more power to resist the necessary change. Therefore the science of it is irrelevant even if true... until we're ready to deal with the deeper cause. That will be quite a feat. Because over the millennia before every end of time scenario a prophet has been sent with a hidden message. And every one of them was 'crucified' by we the people not yet ready to cross that new frontier. Evolution of the race? Not likely, not yet! And to force change onto the people using state power will wreak havoc far worse than climate change. History so testifies. There is one remedy ready and willing if only we bend down and pick it up. It is written on our hearts and souls, not in our brains and intellect. We all know it more than our senses show."

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