Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Election Hysteria: Over 60's better off. Under 30's worse off. In between at risk. What gives?

Because those over 60 have a lot of property. Those under 30 have almost none. And those in between with it are slaving away trying to hang on to it under heavy mortgage.

The BBC, while pre election reporting, with all their experts and economics editors are utterly clueless to this. And boldly pose the question as if its some kind of mystery, like they're great reporters.

Quite a staggering display of ignorance without bounds. And these are the best we have!

Remember: on May 5th 30 million of you will elect a fuckwit to be guardian of our children.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Meltfund knows exactly who will win the election. None of the experts have a clue.

Here is how it will play out:

Property owners with no mortgage will win the election outright. And this constituency needs no party to help us win. We let the mortgagees and tenants do all our bidding.

If you still have a mortgage you are to all intents a tenant of the bank. The interest you pay them is de facto 'rent'. The loan was secured against the value of the property itself - ex nihilio (out of nothing or grown on trees) A kind of legalised ponzi where both winner and loser sign the contract in a stunning gamble at Casino Mortgage.

Property under mortgage is owned by the mortgagee only in name on a piece of paper. If at any time over 20 years of paying the bank its rent you fall on hard times, your home is theirs, by default! Including all the improvements you've made. And you won't get a refund for all the payments you made which amount to 200% of the original price.

So why worry about which party is governing the casino, just get property free from debt and you will be the winner because all of them will protect you as a property owner. They may well 'help' other constituencies. But don't foolishly forget that this one is protected most of all.

Who are the winners exactly?

There are 27 million households in the UK.
  • 50% are mortgaged tenants paying rent to the bank - loser
  • 10% are paying rent to a council landlord - loser
  • 10% are paying rent to a private landlord - loser
  • 30% own their property outright freehold (free from rent) *** WIN
At the election count on May 5th/6th, watch how the significant vote will be around 30%. That is, 30% of the people will decide the election. This is the property owning constituency which contains almost no citizens below the age of 40. Can you see now why the young people in general no longer vote... why would they?

If UKIP or Greenery want to walk away with a historically stunning win, all they need to do is promise the electorate one thing:

"we will boost property prices by all means and bail you out first when that activity causes the next recession, placing you even further ahead of the game come the recovery"

But they live in a fantasy world of planet saving. They cannot be seen to be doing what they know is unsustainable. Yet they all know this is what secures every vote and are forbidden from saying it.

Then listen to the experts and professors on this advising the LibLabCon party. Utterly clueless.

They're perfectly safe in their ignorance though. They know you will re-elect and honour them, in spite of reality.

Remember: You will be voting for the future of our children. The 5 main party's have no policy for them

The average age of the first time buyer is now over 40. Our children are waiting for us to die when they can get their own home. Unwritten policy of all party's is the same: subsidise property prices, tax hard workers and skilful enterprise. Only a few will come out winners in this mortgage gamble. Who will you be voting for. Our children or You.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mortgaged Backed Securities (Virtual Mortgages) are not inherently a bad thing. They are what we make of them.

Neither are explicit individual 'bare metal' mortgages.

The root of the last recession was what the mortgages were backed by.

Mortgages are money created out of nothing, as loans, backed against the value of the land they're used to buy.

The 'annual rental value' of that land when capitalised into a selling price.

That is, what would you be willing to pay for the perpetual rental stream of that property? (say 20 years worth @ 5%)

That is what constitutes the selling price of property - its annual rental value, capitalised.

The rent captured delivers an unearned income. That is, it increases in value 5% annually with zero further costs to its owner.

Do not take this as a judgement. We're just pointing it out so you can make up your own mind.

You may well spend money to keep good the bricks and mortar. We're talking about the location value underneath - how much are you willing to pay for exclusive access to that location - to monopolise that plot.

The building may well be worth something, but its upside.

This 'unearned' increase in location value is intangibly created by the entire surrounding community, most of whom are tenants paying rent, not collecting it.

To to say its sustainable because everyone plays a part is pure fantasy. And to say you paid for the increase is also to be living on Pluto.

Again we're not moralising against wealth and power here. We are pointing out a legalised pyramid scheme that will inevitably collapse.

And mortgage 'interest', is a euphemism for economic rent. The loan was money created out of nothing, no capital was involved. So to say it was earned is now to be living on Neptune.

And it was a risk free creation for the bank. Mortgages are bailed out before all else in hard times. Underwritten by government of all party's in all times and places. Don't delude yourself by imagining anyone 'dared' here.

So why is this 'rent' root cause of all economic paroxysms?

If the windfall acquired by the title holder is unearned, then others who did create that value must have given it. That it is indirect and hidden is of no consequence to nature.

The indirect effect is to grow a bubble of home owners wanting to get in on the only thing that make money free of work and tax and legal to boot.

This positive feedback has no way to discover price through natures mechanism of supply and demand within a free market.

So it will grow, and grow, and grow and grow, no matter how many new homes are built, no matter how many of those new homes remain empty.

Eventually, the power of that economy to produce growing wealth will be exceeded by the selling price of rent.

And the result will be that production gradually stops as enterprise falls below the threshold of bankruptcy, rent eating all its once hard earned profit.

There is no escaping this. Nature forbids it. Man is not yet master of the universe, though as home owners that feeling is projected onto us through the psyche.

When the land is sold forever like this, a recession and all the derivative effects are priced in at the root. We're not religious, but that book called the bible is wonderful poetry as are all such wisdom. (Leviticus 25:23, Romans 13, 1 Samuel 8)

Mortgage repossessions are on the increase over the long term. Go ask the Ministry of Justice about it. So this legal pyramid only serves a few lucky gamblers, despite the fact that everyone works hard to get on the ladder.

If you were to go to the casino cashier and complain about your losses, would anyone still treat you with credibility? Was any mortgagee ever forced to sign their mortgage contract at the point of a gun? Show me any bank that would not go under if not competing for it.

Do not get angry about this or take it as a judgement either as a banker or home owner. We're just pointing out reality, so that you can integrate it into your psyche as an objective fact.

And then be in a position to make confident decisions about your future, free from political or religious doctrine and poor advice from experts and professors. Look in the mirror, and rely on your own capable mind.

Besides to oppose it will bring judgement on you. Nature is responding lawfully to the actions of the majority who selected it and elected it. Do not blame the politicians else be judged by 'fire and the sword'.

Not wanting to paint a dark picture, there's always been a readily available way out of this maze. The pathway is alluded to in the great tomes above. You just have to read them... but not literally.

Take what you find there to the ballot in May. Or should we say,  "at the Pool of Bethesda"

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Proper planning permission will improve location values. For all. Whats not to like?

At the "Extraordinary planning meeting" for the major development at Arborfield Garrison, Wokingham Borough. If approved my house will immediately sell for more, tax free, no work required. Excellent!

What is root cause of my problems? Me! So I am the only proper solution

To live and then find wealth, the approach is to stop blaming others, and to find my own potential.

Vote on this in May.

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