Tuesday, 2 September 2014

YPP General Election Leaflet 2015

For the parliamentary constituency of Wokingham. Your candidate: Robin Smith, CFO of the worlds number one investment fund.

It's not complex. And it sorts out the men from the boys. Something mainstream politics has never done:

Taxing the young:
  • Abolish VAT. When the EU complains tell them to sue us or expel us. Job done. Watch how prices fall, work appears, foreign capital floods in and things improve for the young immediately
  • All university fees will be paid fully out of the property rental incomes of that university until exhausted. In the unlikely event there is a shortfall the family of the student will provide remaining funds for the license to apply for top jobs ahead of the rest
  • Abolish all trade tariffs, the brothers of VAT. Then let's see who is the better competitor without that protection
  • Abolish farming subsidy. It never goes to the farmer who pulls a plough. The land owner pockets it in increased land price
  • Abolish trademark patent and other intellectual property privilege. Then we'll see who is the best inventor
  • Open the immigration flood gates wide. Then we'll see who actually works hard and who's a benefits scrounger for real
  • Remove tax from all drugs including booze, food and fags. Am I a free man or do I need a daddy?
  • Tax all university property at a rate of 100% of its rental value. Then they will start teaching reality to our young people
  • Ditto for all churches. Then we'll see if they are ready to start teaching people about God
Health and Safety gone psychotic
  • Abolish all health and safety legislation in general. Start taking more care of yourself. Convince others its more profitable to start taking more care of you 
  • Remove public smoking ban. Let land owners decide on their business clientèle and success
  • Legalise but DO NOT regulate all drugs. A monopoly cannot form now the mafia and corporates are competing on a level playing field. Let's see who is cheaper
  • Turn off all traffic lights outside rush hour. Kick backs for council officers are a tax on everyone else
  • 9 out of 10 emergency calls are not emergencies. To nip this in the bud reduce para medics wages by 29 pounds for each fake call they attend. Saving you a fortune in council tax, assuring you are more likely to be saved in a genuine emergency
  • Pass a bill of litigation equality. If you trip over, fine, you get compensation. But you also get a curfew until deemed competent to use the public streets once again. Ditto for any other similar benefit scrounging litigation
  • Remove all speed humps. For those who insist each remaining hump will command an annual 5000 pound tax on NIMBY residents
  • Abolish all motoring insurance. Now will you pay more respect to other motorists. There is no such thing as an accident. Sort it out between yourselves, the law and tax payer will no longer support feckless driving
  • Abolish all IT security legislation. Security is a myth causing huge dead weight costs and only benefiting security firms
  • Abolish all terrorism legislation. Bags do not turn into bombs if left alone from more than 10 seconds. If terrorism is not a myth then bring it on!
Fake Charity:
  • Abolish all welfare in general. If you want to 'help' your 'brother', then help him for real and stop expecting everyone else to do it instead. If you do not want to help, then so be it, you will no longer be judged on it
  • Abolish all energy policy related to carbon emissions. We will allow the people individually to decide on how much they love the planet, not hysterical planet saving vested interest groups
  • Any charity, church or protest group found to be earning more in wages for its staff than going to the needy it claims to support will be taxed at a rate 100% of their income. Then we will discover how much charity is really being done
  • Abolish all housing subsidy. It only adds to the price of housing and never helps the needy
  • Abolish all business subsidy. It only adds to the price of property and never helps the needy. If you need help then clearly you are not a going concern already
  • Democracy is a myth. Centuries of election examples, even when free from corruption, show it never helps. Pass a bill for a wholesale investigation of the alternatives that do not require the vote
  • Abolish compulsory education. It has not taught our children anything important for decades
  • Free energy: Start a 10 year program to build 200 generation 5 safe clean nuclear reactors and associated electric car industry. Radiation hysteria is root cause of the climate change idea and is sending the masses neurotic

Friday, 29 August 2014

Planet Savers. The Biggest Rent Seekers of All

It's impossible to change someone else's mind. But planet savers say they can do that all the time as if they were a salvific messiah.

Whence this power to change another's mind? Are they God's. Did they create all the valuable 'mind changing land'?

Planet Savers are looking for a reward but have not given anything in exchange for it. Not once in history has a planet saver been able to change anothers mind. Nevertheless they believe they have and the reward for it in heaven is theirs.

A free lunch. The biggest free lunch of all. Worth far more than money or the material wealth that can buy.

"We are educating you to be a better person, so that deserves a reward"

"We are god like so have the power to change your mind for you with our education about how to be a better person"

"We are not asking for your money so we are virtuous"

Yes, but the Planet Saver is looking for something far more valuable than money. They are looking for a seat on the right hand of God. They want to become more whole as a person,  but for free. Without needing to change them self first.

They are looking for psychological reward but without giving anything for it.

They are trying to get a reward in heaven by helping other people change their minds which is an objective impossibility.

It's not possible to change someone else's mind. You can only change your own mind. The self always makes the supreme ultimate executive decision for every choice it makes. No external power can change that objective fact though the Planet Saver tries to appropriate that wealth.

If they are giving education then the reward for that is wages not planet savers rent. Education is not helping the ultimate choice of the self any more than the wage earned for it.

And if the Planet Saver is doing a bit of authentic love and the rest is inauthentic planet saving rent seeking then they get wages for the authentic work and nothing for the rest. Fair is fair.

The Planet Saver has forgotten an essential objective fact of psychological reality.  It's very possible for the Planet Saver to change their own mind immediately for free. But how often does the Planet Saver try that?

It's very easy to be a rent seeker. But very difficult to look in the mirror.

Planet Savers are the biggest rent seekers of all.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Georgist Neurosis - Depth Psychology in Political Economy

As you well know, MeltFund do not have any political doctrines or religious beliefs. We do point out what something is, in itself, as an objective reality, so that our valued clients can exploit it to the maximum limit, without prejudice.  To do any less would not only be feckless, it would be unsustainable and unjust too.

“Call each thing by its proper name”

Georgism is a doctrine like any other. It claims the worlds problems are rooted in the widespread foundation of political economy known as rent seeking. Its remedy is rational - to abolish all taxation, and instead collect the economic rents, mostly from property value, to fund government instead.

The Georgist has gone further than everyone else in seeking out root cause of the unjust distribution of wealth across the world. We should bow to him given he never gets a hearing or thanks yet continues nonetheless in that most difficult of causes. In spite of armies of commentators professors and high priests who get daily hearings and large reward for avoiding reality almost totally.

So what is the problem?

The Georgist has gone so far… and then stopped! When he knows all too well there is still ‘a final frontier’ to cross. And can see this most intensely when he looks into the eyes of his own children.

In terms of depth psychology he is a classic victim of Planet Savers Neurosis - being ‘divided from the self’. Blinded from the whole of reality by political and/or religious doctrine:

“I’ve found out about something very important and it is true. Now I have something by which I can justify my life at last. Now I feel more whole. I can use this idea to Save the Planet and be rewarded greatly in ‘heaven’”

For a cause to maintain this kind of dogmatic value, a value judgement must be made to stick onto an ‘enemy’ or devil of some kind. The Georgist judgement may well be valid and true superficially … but is it in itself valid and true when all other judgements have been exhausted?

For example, a Georgist typically will cite large landowners and institutions as the biggest enemy of the planet. But look at the objective facts. Home owners by far outstrip them in terms of the most important factor - land value. There are 23 million homeowners in the UK out of about 60 million people. And their homes are not out in the wilds of Scotland miles from a city as is the land of the large estates, which evidently is worth far less due to nobody wanting to be there.

The Georgist will fiercely discount this objective reality in some way or another. But why?

Because when ALL the people are responsible, not the evil landlord or banker,  there is no longer a specific enemy to take the fight to or to keep the light burning and shining on. The Georgist no longer has an ideology by which he can justify himself. The happiness he thought he’d found has been revealed as fantasy. This complex is common in mental illness where the neurosis started as a seemingly harmless religious belief or other idea submitted to by the ‘victim’ in the search for a whole life.

The idea has now become him. He wears it as his mask. He has forgotten who he really is and has become 'god like'.

There is an experiment you can try on the Georgist that will expose him to be no better at saving the planet than an inauthentic Marxist, Libertarian, Socialist and so on: Simply ask him what is the deeper cause of his nemesis - rent seeking. His response will always be:

“I have the truth, people just need more education, we need the state to force LVT onto the people, we will pay for it with a new kind of welfare state, anyone who objects must be punished for questioning God, er we mean the law.”

Sound familiar? Importantly notice how the “I” changed to “We” as if by magic. The Georgist is possessed by some kind of shadow in lets say the 'collective unconscious' - he worships at the altar of consensus reality and now ignores the whole of reality, but is unable to recognise that imagining he is still an individual.

On a train the other day I was chatting to a very graceful, and respectful elderly lady. She was asking me what was my remedy for the endless political and religious disputes incapable of solving any important problems permanently. I said:

“Its simple - do not believe in anything!”.

That is, stop doing politics because that is the means by which you get more, and others get less, regardless of who has earned it, regardless of your position in the political spectrum, regardless of how virtuous is your politics. Her response was to ask how then would wealth be distributed fairly as if that were not a staggeringly impossible problem already today?

Game on…!

“By love"

"If my brother needs something I have in surplus, even if he does not deserve it, I give it to him. What use it is it to me hoarded up and depreciating, why am I afraid of running out of anything given there is plenty. Why not make good use of it by giving it away with no contract or expectation of return… forever. Because one day I might get unlucky, commit a crime and be cast out of society, or for whatever other reason, I might one day need something to live. And there will be my brother ready to give it to me. That is the vision of fairness I have for you.”

I have yet to meet a Georgist who walks the language of authentic love. The best I have heard so far is to be a saviour of the planet.

So the Georgist has gone further than all the rest. But has stopped dead at the most important point - the point where fundamental change is the only way forward and anything less is no better than the rest.

All the same MeltFund is ambivalent to all this. We know the people, in general, want an unfair world more than anything else they want - a gamble regardless of the future of our children. It has nothing to do with the wealthy and powerful who are mere figure heads of the people, doing exactly what the people want, which is mostly unfairness. To blame them is the epitome of a neurosis - to be divided from the self.

In that knowledge we will be exploiting the whole situation to the extreme limit.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Friday, 22 August 2014

The problem is the slaves and the poor

Everyone is blaming the wealthy and the powerful for their problems.

Have they looked in the mirror yet?

Think about it. How many tyrants presidents bosses leaders barons politicians, Gods,  where ever selected by the minority? And remained in power without the continuous support of the consensus.


And who form the majority of every social organisation and nation in history?

The slaves and the poor.

And if you claim not to have selected your master and that he was forced upon you, are you going to give back all the benefits you willingly accepted from this master you hate so much?

You will be thinking now:

"Mr MeltFund,  do you realise how crazy that sounds?"

We hear you. It will sound crazy to an insane, neurotic or psychotic person. The whole of reality always does if you are only aware of part of reality.

The majority will all close ranks when the question is asked. Because the majority is mostly made up from the slaves and the poor and they know the majority has overwhelming power in the final analysis. To ask this question is to ask everyone to look in the mirror and be bold.

The point is, does the decision of this consensus reality make something right in itself. And if it does not what will be the outcome? And then what is the general case? Is this despotic consensus aware of itself and it's power and if not what then?

The answer is always found by looking in the mirror.

Are you a free man who can accept your gory reflection as real, as who you really are, such that you can move on in your own right with confidence.

Or are you a slave in denial of reality submitting to the consensus reality always making your complicity and cowardice someone else's fault?

It's your life. No one can help you with this question. Except You!

Wealthy property owners getting ready for a nice easy weekend