Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Health and Safety and Security gone Psychotic

In the old days my master provided everything for me. Food shelter clothing the odd citizenship if I behaved for 50 years and survived.

How does he compare to your master today?

Today we have armies of psychopathic health and safety soldiers caring for us because we are less able to do that independently.

Ok psychotic maybe just in the worst cases. But most are surely neurotic OCD planet savers who get paid very well indeed for what is essentially growing into an enormous dead weight cost on your wealth.

"We are here to protect you, to look after you, to make sure you stay healthy, do not get harmed and Rhian in a deep state if fear you will be robbed. . . if not for us"

They are right to some extent. If you fall ill are injured or have assets stolen, your ability to keep producing for your master at the normal rates will fall sharply.

The essential point us this - how much more effective would you be as a free trader than as a modern day virtual slave? How much more would you live if you did not have all that protection?

Lo and behold technology with IT mostly, requires more security the more it advances and looks after us. Yet anyone who looks carefully can see security is a myth and the Internet is 99% porn spam and pyramid selling. Security is not required.

The more we increase the productive power of the economy the less we same able to look after ourselves and need a master instead.

In hindsight we'd prefer to be chattel, cattle, chattel, hmm interesting, slaves than the modern day form. 

At least back then there was hope of freedom one day. And while a slave at least we did as little work as possible for our wages.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Aliens are Real but do not Exist

This from a MeltFund client. Because of his world view, few people listen to the good fellow. We like him. Because what he says, in principle, is that to look in the mirror and face up to what you see, is the only way to find life, and then wealth. Bury what you do not like about yourself and remain a slave.

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