Thursday, 30 October 2014

No taxation without representation. A superb myth.

Yep. We have very high taxes today.

And who gets the most representation? 

Those who do not pay tax - Property owners.

It's so funny listening to the walking dead. Much sport is had there.

And because of them we landlords remain minted.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Does nature do charity?

"The sun shines and the rain falls on the sinner and the righteous in equal quantity"

No!. Nature does not do charity. It gives no reward for your charity.

Nature expects one to give all you have when it's required as a base line for your life.

When nature requires you to give everything, it must be given without complaint, rightly or wrongly, fair or not. Likewise for when she demands you take everything.

So charity as a social institition must be unsustainable. It opposes nature in itself.
In a world full of charity there will be a tendency for nature to collapse to the extent charity is done.

MeltFund proposes the abolition of charity.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Money Reform is great. It will mostly boost property prices

There are a number of campaigns going around saving the planet.

One of the more popular ones is Money Reform - making bankers the victims of their cause.

Max Keiser and Peter Schiff are 2 of the most neurotic examples.

All seem to be blind to somehing so simple a small child could understand it with great ease:

That if finance were reformed perfectly as per their policy, the greatest effect in  economic terms would be to increase the demand for property and the best locations.

People will now want to live and work that much more in better locations. And be willing to pay more even in the worse locations too.

And what happens when people want something more than other things?

It's value rises relative to everything else. So rental value and the capitalised rental value - the selling price of that income stream - are the largest beneficiary of money reform in the end.

This thing is called 'economic rent'. It's the only thing that benefits following any improvement whatsoever within society whether that be improved government or technological advance. Money reform is just one specific example of many which will increase rents more than most.

What makes our clients laugh on their yachts is that these reforming planet savers actually believe they are doing acts of good for the world.  The reality if 'successful' is to make the gap between those who own property and those who do not that much wider.

And 90% of the most valuable property is already owned by just 5% of all populations in general. Worse still, 5/7 of the value of all nations is the property value of those nations. To cap it all, the biggest asset by a long way of the wealthiest people is property in land.

So be it!

Meltfund loves the deeply held ignorance of money reformers. Our valued clients who invest only in property are minted thanks to them.

We run training classes and counselling sessions for corporates, the wealthy and celebrity. By all means call.

Definition of a Christian

One of our agents was out and about yesterday at a Church.

He was asked to define a Christian. And his response?

"Anyone who believes in the material world more than the spiritual"

We can only guess he means there is no longer any balance in organised religion. Where no matter what is said and done by the Christian, it is based almost exclusively on dealing with the material world.

And material wealth, community and acts of doing and saying good are more important than investigating where we come from.

The rewards of expedience are high it seems.

So a 'Christian' in general has forgotten the meaning of "they toil not nor do they spin".

And lives a life in fear of planetary limits, end of times scenarios, and salvific masters as Father.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Technology and time are great. But not our saviour

It's true, technology is a great thing. It has improved the productive power of the economy many thousands of times since Rome. Clearly it was not Rome who did anything for us. For every unit of labour and capital employed, technology is now able to produce many more units of material wealth, or money if you want to use its immaterial proxy.

It's also true that time is in the habit of saving the world,  if one waits long enough. We prefer the former method for increasing quantity of wealth. Being run over by a bus is not something we look forward to.

What has been the final effect of this spectacular effect of technology, in the final analysis? For that's what we're really interested in. We do not want to be wealthy for a few moments,  we want to be wealthy forever. So who actually is the final beneficiary of technology?

Before we tell you,  please find a quiet spot and plan a time you are free from life's daily stress to sit down and contemplate something that is extraordinarily hard to believe. If you cannot set yourself up for this meditative state do not waste your time.  If you are still in a mode of "too busy to think", you will not be able... to think.

The final beneficiary, of the power of technology to increase material wealth, in all times and in all places, without fail, is always:

    the property owner

Get land and all advances in technology will increase its value, tax free while you sit around and smoke cigars. And that astounding revelation is guaranteed by government of all party's so do not worry about who will get in next.

How so ?

What is the one thing you absolutely must have, to be able to innovate in technology? Then, what is the one thing you must have access to at the end of an innovative day to rest your head as close as possible to where you employ your skilful mind and body? And what must someone else absolutely have access to, while you collect your royalties from them,  to make all the products of your innovative new technology?

Are you ready for this.  Have you prepared a short time for yourself free from life's stresses. Have you found a quiet spot to sit down and open your mind?


All you need to be the major beneficiary of innovative technology, is outright ownership of a piece of land. Or lots of pieces of land, free from rent.

And once you have it what must technology do if there is none left? It must pay you Rent. Not for the depreciating building. But for the valuable location upon which it sits. And the location that delivers the most assistance to your Innovations is the most valuable location relative to your trade. And that place will be the highest rental value.

So, when the demand for more of that increases, thanks in the largest way to technological innovation, what exactly will happen to the lease contract technology willingly signed at the next review?

It will rise to take up all the gain. All of it. Because that is the most the  technologist is willing to pay to do his work. And the least the property owner is willing to accept. All of it will go directly into the rise in rent!

What about the selling price of the same property. Well hello! That is merely the capitalised rental value over 20 years at the stable historic rate of 5%. When you buy property you are purchasing the eternal rental stream from the prior owner all the way back to the time warriors fought and often died to conquer it. Same thing to all intents. Sure it's more volatile than rent. So make sure you understand the business cycle. Over its 18 year span there's a period of about 6 months where you can lose. You'd have to be the most feckless investor to miss It.

Using some simple logic and reason, a mind free from the nonsense helping you avoid this reality, you now know who will be the largest, nay, the only beneficiary of technology.

The property owner.

MeltFund loves technology for this very reason.  We only own assets that are property in land. We invest in nothing else.  Technology is a mugs game we leave to the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. The much maligned Mr. Bernard Madoff gets this totally but he was sent to jail for 15 years and fined billions for so audaciously whistle blowing on the consensus in denial of it.

Go well.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Collective Materialism

History shows us repeated evidence for a collective myth spanning all times and all places. We use it to deal with life. It goes something like this:

"Oh no, there's not enough stuff in the world to go around, the world will be destroyed if nothing is done about it, we need a new messiah of any kind to save us"

Collective fears of planetary limits, end of time scenarios and messianic hero's are 3 groups of ideas held identically by the majority of people despite religious, cultural, political or other ideological divisions.

These ideas within the myth are the one thing in social life that all comers close ranks around. The people are united on the myth, as an article of faith, rightly or wrongly, and thus are unconscious of how it plays out in the material world.

The myth manifests in the following ways:
  1. Unsustainable population 
  2. Climate change effect
  3. Imaginary terrorism
  4. Mandatory charity
  5. Necessary poverty
  6. Ideological rebirth
  7. Master/slave collectivism
  8. Beneficial drug addiction
  9. Conspiracy theory
  10. Salvific technology
  11. Epidemics
But none of these neuroses are real materially or represent actual limits, threats or saviours in the world. Each can be shown to be absurd in the material world in ways a small child can understand.

So if unanswerable materially they must be superficial projections of something deeper and immaterial in the psyche of the collective of all people.

Depth psychology calls this spirit in possession of the majority the 'collective unconscious'. MeltFund calls it 'consensus reality', which evidently is not the whole of reality.

That does not make it unimportant though. On the contrary. If the deeper cause of these fears is held unconscious in the minds of people in general it's at least equally as important as the remainder of reality we are conscious of.

Because if it really is root cause of persistent social problems and it's being ignored by nearly all people, then how will things ever be improved. By luck?

Because if it is primary cause then that has the most power to act on the world in general and force it down unexpected paths regardless of what people think they want outwardly. 

And to address these superficial factors piecemeal will be futile acts of expedience. The more powerful hidden force causing the fears will overwhelm any expedient measures no matter how perfectly adopted and virtuous the intent.

So to keep trying something known to fail every time is quite a neurosis particularly when there is alternative ready and willing. If its easy to do things wrongly, then why is it harder to do the alternative?

But history testifies this has been the principle action of every single campaign, protest, investigation, scientific analysis, political movement and revolution in all times and all places - to treat the illness and avoid root cause. 

We may not know what it is yet. But treating only the symptoms we know for certain is a spectacular historic failure. And we all know by intuition there is something deeper requiring better science than the superstitious one professors have been using for centuries.

This consensus reality is the most dangerous force if it has become unconscious of itself and has enormous power to force people to act against the free will. Particularly if supported by the 'logic and reason' seen through a long dead scientific lens.

Might an answer be that it dies or we actively 'kill' it, let it be reborn and resurrected into a 'new man'?

How so? By doing better creative and evolutionary science. Using the new 'organ' we are about to discover and start using, just like a blind man who by miracle regains his sight.

Now, if the planet saver wants to save the world with authenticity, he will have to go to a very difficult place indeed. On his own. All adventures are dangerous.

Would it be an adventure if everything were 'provided' by our Father. And all hero's start on the road to adventure alone by individual free choice. Show us a hero who needed the help of a master. 

This new frontier starts in the bathroom, in front of the mirror.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tax comes out of location value - Costs of planning permission

One of our agents attended a council and developer sponsored meeting the other night.

Afterwards he collared a very forthcoming developer:

"Out of say, a £35 million development,  a million of that will be the cost of all the red tape to get through the planning process. Not including infrastructure and S106 payments affordable homes etc."

"But that's OK because the land owner gives us an allowance for whatever that is.  He wants to get rid of the land and he's happy to wear that"

So there we go yet again.  Tax comes out of rent

The moral of the story is to limit these costs by any means else as property owner you will be paying it either directly or indirectly you cannot escape it.

Ideally you want to lobby for a streamlined planning process which requires minimal civil servant benefit scrounging.