Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Libor Scandal is Not a Fraud

Much like pyramid selling, ponzi's, pensions, franchises or mortgages are not frauds either. Its that some are made formally legal and some are not.

This quick post is to warn clients to observe the observer at all times when doing financial analysis. Because otherwise when you start believing your own marketing or getting jealous of those who have played the game better than you, you have started you descent toward bankruptcy.

Best only read the papers and listen to the news for amusement. Do not take what is said seriously. Use your own perfectly capable mind at the point of exchange: is this deal worthy, can I afford the rate, will I gain from it and so on. Never leave a single deal in the hands of another especially a financial expert or advisor.

For every contract, for anything, in this universe, there are always 2 consenting party's. If either side does not find the deal worthy he will not sign the contract and it will not go ahead. And if both sides agree the contract goes ahead at the rates and using the rules agreed upon at the point of exchange, as in any free market. OK so you say "the market isn't free", then why did you enter into any trade already? Or are you saying your were forced into making the trade?

Tuned in yet? On the same channel now?

With the Libor scandal, those the press and our courts of law tell us are fraudulent, were setting their rates differently to others and that is all. If customers were not happy they had every opportunity to not trade with these dealers as in any market for fruit and vegetables.

Caveat emptor. If you did not check the rate before agreeing to the trade then so be it. Ignorance should not be admitted in a court of law despite what our judges seem to keep doing. And these rates were at least agreed on implicitly for each and every deal.

There was no fraud. But it makes great press. And appeases the masses who are jealous of the wealthy. Particularly those ones who have played the same game, and lost!

So to say any of them were a fraud in not authentic. They simply had a higher rate being set by those particular dealers, and each time this higher rate was agreed on else the trade would not have happened. Do you always buy your goods and services without checking the quality. Due diligence.

Or are you saying you were expecting government, the law and regulators to do that for you. Who are you, a true free trader or a benefits scrounger expecting welfare and handouts?

Now if the judge were to have called the plaintiffs to the stand and asked them why they were being feckless by not checking the deal before signing, that would be authentic. Anything else can only be jealousy of the wealth of the successful trader.

What is more these traders are being scapegoated. There are scores of others involved in these trades all the way to the top including members of the Bank of England and Parliament. Will they also be called to the stand to testify? Of course not, they are *setting the rates* in conflict with the free market.

So to complain about libor rate setting is a bit like the mother of a household who willingly signs a mortgage contract and then complains that she was defrauded by bankers when she can no longer afford the interest payments. She went into it eyes wide open. If she did not check here household could afford it in advance then its game over for her and her children.

You dont go into a casino, gamble and when you lose complain to the cashier... or do you? If you do then at MeltFund we do not want your business.

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What have The Greens done for pollution? Diesel

10 years ago our analyst was working on carbon emissions. Diesel is lower in carbon emissions per unit of energy compared to petrol. So thanks to the Greens diesel was subsidised.

Where are we now?

A once reasonably clean city, is now heavily polluted with diesel particulates and smog contributing to 5000 deaths annually so they say.

If nuclear power had been adopted we'd be well on the way to a carbon neutral city, using all electic cars.

The insanity is, the Greens will object to this too and we'll export emissions to run the cars to France. But pollution crosses borders so its yet another sham agenda that seems to have captured everyone today.

Still, so long as we're heavily vested in property none of it matters in terms of our profits. MeltFund is a no lose scenario.

Monday, 25 May 2015

The Asking

Following is a technique to discover if a potential client is risk free. It involves a series of questions and answers. Its a kind of mini psychological audit of the client, the most important kind of vetting. That is, what do they really want, what are their real motives, are they a liability and so on.

We call this part of an audit 'The Asking'.

The question you will be Asking:  "Compare our product to something and tell us what it's like.". And the responses might be:
  • The marketing response of a client's psyche will say, "It's like a just and great message we can use to manipulate customers with."
  • The intellectual response of a client's psyche: "It's like a wise philosophy which can be regulated in our favour."
  • The authentic response of a client's psyche : "It's impossible for me to say anything about it. What it's like is forbidden knowledge."
These 3 responses are the typical kind you will receive. Only the third is the authentic one.

The others are still locked out in a superficial logical or technical state which can never bear fruit for your business. Because everyone knows that much already. Advantage can only be gained within these limits by special privilege.

You and your client are entrepreneurs not sycophants looking for handouts and welfare. Your vision is creative and new. Your advantage is you have something highly valuable your competitors do not.

So, you only need to respond to the third psychic state. The others are a big liability for your business and should be ignored. Do not get moral about this. There is nothing you can do for the others, they are blind to it and just not ready. If you insist it will be wasted. And worse your reputation will suffer so dust off your feet and move on to the next town as it were.

Your answer to the one who is ready should be along the lines of:

"We're no longer your counsellor. Because you now have knowledge, and you understand this knowledge at the deep psychological level which will make it useful to you and self sustaining for you. You have passed the psychological audit and can proceed under your own steam as a renewed and more vital force."

Whoever it is will understand your meaning. What makes your client ready is that his belief in his business is authentic. That is, what he believes in is placing him in a position to help himself independently of the beliefs and doctrines of others and to find his own potential - to become creative in and of himself. A 'god' is no longer needed for protection. And here he is, on the border, at the frontier, ready to go.

So take him away somewhere quiet and give him more detail about the knowledge. Send him back to his colleagues who will almost certainly ask him what he's learned because he will now be approaching things with far more confidence. This is important in the process as a right of passage. He must experience the ultra negative response of others head on - who will be closing ranks intimidating him to come back - and integrate their response into his now developing psyche. Then his new found knowledge will be set in concrete.

His new competitors will now ask him what is the secret to his new found confidence - "What have MeltFund told you?" Here is what he's likely to say, you will no longer need to teach him how to speak like this:

"If I tell you anything about it, you will try to harm me, and will backfire on you. What do you want me to say?"

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Breaking News! 1 in Every 60 Family Homes are Being Repossessed Annually

This is good news because its down from 1 in 30 homes at the height of the recession in 2008.

Its also very good news for MeltFund clients because even though our total market size has fallen significantly, it shows yet again no matter how well the economy fares there will always be a large and constant stream of business. Bursting bubbles should be viewed as periods of major upside to be exploited.

Data from the Ministry of Justice
We love the Ministry of 'Justice'. Very Eric Blair.

Its also worth reminding you that during the last business cycle repo's where much lower because government traded bail outs with the banks for lower interest rates. The costs this time being socialised by all tax payers and of course the benefit scrounging of this being swallowed up by mortgagees who managed to hold out in their homes where they should by rights have gone under. Whereas in the 1990 bust repo's where allowed to run pretty much wild and free as it should be. So when money bugs rant on about quantitative easing being evil their economic credentials prove no longer worthy. Government had to step in to create the money supply until the banks could start up the mortgage printing press again.

If you remember, the biggest business on the balance sheet of all banks is mortgages, not capital formation. Its not rocket science. But it does go to a very deep place psychologically which is denied almost exclusively.

Interestingly, Landlord repo's - tenants paying rent - run at a rate of 4 times mortgages. So all totted up and considering 50% of homes are mortgaged and 20% are rented, giving a total of about 19 million homes in the UK, 1 in 60 family homes are currently repossessed annually. We've calculated these numbers quickly so there will be errors, there's no need to be scientifically precise about orders of magnitude. And are these numbers not high enough?

If we consider the long term mortgage repo rate is about 1 in every 150 homes annually, and the average mortgage period is 20 years, 20 out of 150 homes will be repossessed before the mortgages are redeemed. So if you think you own your home when you get a mortgage, dream on. Only 6 out of 7 of you will hold out until the land title is on your kitchen table. 13% will go under. the galling fact being that once the mortgage is gone, so is the family and all the resulting social problems will be projected onto the welfare state.

We forecast repo's will remain stable until 2020 where they will once again start their advance into the next recession during 2026. And remember this. Recessions are the best time for our clients. Though property prices fall during recession, profits of enterprise and wages and salaries of producers fall even more. So recessions are the good times for our clients.

And as for Financial Advisers fully and properly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, what are they but archetypal double glazing salesman. Avoid them at all costs if you want to live and then find wealth. For sport, invite them into your living room and pretend.

Anyway, while the majority of people are willing to allow this to proceed as witnessed once again after the recent election, notwithstanding the party elected, MeltFund clients will become more and more minted. Don't expect anything to change, ever. Take this knowledge and exploit it.

By all means call for a quote for private consultation.

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The Psychological Audit

Executive Summary

This analysis is not explicit financial advice. As you know MeltFund uses depth psychology to assist its clients in making financial decisions with total confidence and to be fully creative with their business. Compared to those who do not and are constantly in danger of bankruptcy due to relying purely on luck, 'hand me downs' and special privilege. We're showing you an executive summary of how to go about using the psychology to guarantee progress with your enterprise.

What is the psychological audit?

The Audit is a tool of depth psychology used to determine if a person is living authentically and therefore finding their own potential.

It can be used on the self when looking in the mirror as it were. This is its most valuable use. Or it can be used on others who 'ask', say on a consultancy basis.

The psychological audit is used to discover how much one is living in a dream or fantasy world, compared to how much one lives in reality.

So. How authentic am I as a person and therefore how good is my life relative to what it might be.

Am I achieving my potential?

Why is it useful for clients?

Successful results from using the Audit maximise the chance of finding ones potential. If found, this potential will be ordered not in terms of wealth, but in how great your life can become. For some this will deliver enormous wealth too on top of a greater life. 

Suffice to say that wealth in itself is always secondary to finding life. And often once life has been found, wealth is merely upside. And if life is not found by failure to take or complete the audit, then no amount of wealth will be satisfactory for the client already.

The goal is to find ones potential via the Audit. And if achieved one will find life. And then more wealth than you could ever get by working for it will flow in anyway.

The idea is pro wealth, everyone should have more of it. And finding life nevertheless remains even more important than that.

What is 'Authenticity'?

To live authentically means whatever it is that I believe in helps me to find my potential. Not to live authentically means whatever I believe in does not.

The one means my beliefs will most likely harmonise with the whole of reality and therefore be truth, for me. The other means my beliefs will remain a dream or fantasy and therefore be a lie, for me.

It's important to understand that what I believe in has no bearing on what others believe in, in terms of how my life plays out based on the executive decisions I make.

What have the beliefs of others got to do with me, and what have my beliefs got to do with them? And why am I so concerned with what others believe and so unconcerned with my own beliefs? It's this neurosis which the psychological audit can help your clients, and you if necessary, transcend.

That is to say, the decisions I make about everything, if I'm being authentic, will most likely help me find my potential.

And there are no decisions made for you by others unless they have telepathic control of your mind. You are always the supreme arbiter when it comes to making free choices about how you go about your life. To imagine otherwise is to say there's a powerful force controlling you. And this is a clear signal you do not live in reality and your beliefs are not helping you find your potential.

You, are the ultimate decision maker in your life there is no escaping it.

Collectively held belief systems - whether religious or secular - are what will divide you from yourself and fail the audit. You must find your own beliefs independently of religion, tradition, politics and doctrine. Seek out your own beliefs by observing what emerges naturally from inside you, rather than rely on what others tell you to believe in. Because to rely on the beliefs of others means an implicit submission to these others whoever they are. And then you will no longer be free to find your potential as a 'virtual slave' to that 'virtual master'.

If you can integrate this objective fact of the psyche into your self and make these executive personal decisions authentically, then you will know how to achieve your potential under your own steam.

We hear you. The path there is narrow and untrodden. What's beyond the frontier is scary. Crossing the border is dangerous. And would there be any authentic value in it if it were easy?

This is The Key. The MeltFund patent used to help you get there is called a Psychological Audit.

When to use it? 'Asking'

When you're 'asked' is when to perform a psychological audit.

Some will ask and be ready for the audit. Others not. When you look in the mirror you may be ready and you may be not ready.

The acid test for those who are ready emerges from the response you get from the one 'asking'. If ready the audit will proceed gracefully with more questions and answers. 

We call this process 'seeking' and the client will remain 'ready' until threshold is achieved beyond which the client will be able to sustain their own progress without further audit.

If not ready or if the client has not enough of what it takes to proceed the response will be what we call a 'shadow projection'. A projection will leave you in no doubt the client is by no means ready and the audit will be over. The effect is so over the top its very easy to spot. We'll show you examples of a shadow projection later in our training using plenty of case histories.

The Asking

Try this quick psychic test to get some idea of where you will need to go:

Clients question) Tell me what you mean? 
Your response) If I tell you, will you promise not to kill me?

Seriously. Try it when someone asks you about something which is clearly important to them emotionally, politically or religiously.

Audit Metaphors

MeltFund uses provocative terms to describe the character of people and how well we're controlling our psyche. These terms are not used pejoratively, but as a kind of 'blessing' for those 'ready' to make the difficult transition into reality and to find their potential. For those who are ready they will be received as a kind of revelation. For others they will be taken as bitter judgement.

So beware. But do not let this put you off. And do not lose confidence in proceeding. These terms though symbolic are authentic metaphors which are of great value to the transformation, where literal terms provide no help at all.

Be bold because if the client is ready they will work.

To be continued...

There you have it for starters. We'll continue later with more detail. In the mean time by all means call for a consultation both as a client or consultant wanting to use the audit process on your own clients.

Robin Smith
CFO MeltFund
+44 (0)7786 078836

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Authentic Love

Here's a post which came in from one of our highly valued clients today. Its kinda spooky. And then again, there seems to be something in it.

Why are we posting this kind of thing on a financial consultancy? Because our knowledge would be nothing without a through understanding of depth psychology. And this correspondence is no doubt psychic.

Should we worry about credibility for posting this? By no means. By our knowledge we are minted in wealth. Why would we care if we had no credibility with those constantly in danger of bankruptcy? That is entirely a matter for them.

The point was being made in response to the usual claim that individuals cannot change the world, which our clients know is very possible. Yes, the means to do it is extraordinarilly hard because it goes so deep. But its not in the least bit complex:

"An individual cannot affect the collective directly. And I'm proposing one considers how he could help the collective indirectly. That is, by authentic love. Not the sentimental kind mind. The authentic kind, where the love is given for free, with no expectation of reward in money or ego trip, nor even a place on the right hand side of God. Authentic love my hypothesis proposes, starts by looking in the mirror. And by seeing that no one is giving authentic love, to try just for a moment, to give some. Can you imagine a world where this happened fairly often. Not in all people all the time. But for it to at least start to happen? Would we not one day laugh about the battle to save the planet with our children?"

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Monday, 18 May 2015

What is the Most Significant Effect of New Technology on an Economy?

To increase the value of land. That is, property selling prices and rents.

This will come as quite a surprise to any economist and unbelievable to the man in the street.

Yet is it untrue?

There's a good exposition of the idea here:

"Now, to produce wealth, two things are required: labor and land. Therefore, the effect of labor-saving improvements will be to extend the demand for land. So the primary effect of labor-saving improvements is to increase the power of labor. But the secondary effect is to extend the margin of production. And the end result is to increase rent.

This shows that effects attributed to population are really due to technological progress. It also explains the otherwise perplexing fact that laborsaving machinery fails to benefit workers."

We're not saying technology is a bad thing. We are saying that no matter how much better technology becomes, while location values, rents and property are privatised, and the hard work and skill of free enterprise are highly taxed, MeltFund clients will be the biggest beneficiaries of new technology.

Because the only assets we own are land assets. We only only them because by the hard work and industry of technology enterprise we are guaranteed to get richer and richer and richer and richer. And the technology enterprise and its employees will remain in constant risk of bankruptcy, despite having done all the work.

And this will all have been done by democracy - in the name of the people. Technology on its own can never improve the lot of the working man or modern enterprise under the current fiscal system.

If you still object to this scientific analysis, I'd seriously consider seeing a psychiatrist.

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