Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tax comes out of location value - Costs of planning permission

One of our agents attended a council and developer sponsored meeting the other night.

Afterwards he collared a very forthcoming developer:

"Out of say, a £35 million development,  a million of that will be the cost of all the red tape to get through the planning process. Not including infrastructure and S106 payments affordable homes etc."

"But that's OK because the land owner gives us an allowance for whatever that is.  He wants to get rid of the land and he's happy to wear that"

So there we go yet again.  Tax comes out of rent

The moral of the story is to limit these costs by any means else as property owner you will be paying it either directly or indirectly you cannot escape it.

Ideally you want to lobby for a streamlined planning process which requires minimal civil servant benefit scrounging.

Meltfund - The world's premier NIMBY

The essential difference between MeltFund clients and the rest of the world, is that:


We know the skilful art of rent seeking is a good thing.

We also know with repeated historic certainty that if done en mass the economy will inevitably collapse. 

We support this outcome fully too because during every recession the value of property increases by the biggest margin compared to all else in general.

We'd be happiest of all if the global economy were in a permanent state of collapse.  But you cannot have it all.

There is no hypocrisy. So be it.

When it comes to planning permissions granted by government the following is what we lobby for:
  1. Minimum disturbance of the peace and environmental damage surrounding our valuable property
  2. Maximum provision of public infrastructure and environmental improvements surrounding our valuable property
  3. Both funded by the tax payer to the maximum possible extent
  4. Projection of any negative effects onto other communities wherever possible without exception
Why does Meltfund only ever spend it's own money manipulating public opinion, government servants and developer enterprise in doing this?

Because it's the easiest and cheapest way to make huge tax free incomes and requires the absolute least amount of work and investment of any enterprise all else being equal.

Plus of course location values always get top priority in bail outs and the rental value of property is underwritten by government of all party's. Nothing else has this level of tax payer funded  protection.

We are the only winners in this multi level leviathan because we admit it openly, with confidence and are free thinkers as a nice million dollar bonus.

The losers? Anyone who denies they are a rent seeker. And anyone who thinks bankers are a problem. That is the NIMBY still in denial of their own rent seeking using bankers as a scape goat.

So let the walking dead, bury their dead.

MeltFund is a consultant in the critical depth psychology of wealth, how it's created and how to leverage it's distribution in the most profitable way possible.

MeltFund clients are the world's premier NIMBY's. We agree fully with a global society of rent seekers.

By all means call for consultation, counselling or client application. Joining fees start at $10,000 depending on status.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Video to Mum about NIMBY self harm

What is it about the vocal minority of the NIMBY that causes them to harm themselves. They seem to be refusing an enormous tax free income.

The thing is they find it extraordinarily difficult to make it clear what they mean with a straight forward question. And when you point out this lunacy with clear logic they enter into a frenzy of bitter and spiteful personal attacks.

Clearly the consistent emotional response is rooted in a deep fear of something. Should they be allowed to raise children while retaining that fear. Would they not be liable to harm them too?

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"Green belt development will increase the selling price of my house by 25%"

An account from one of our valued clients today showing how existing property owners seem to be asking an important question but are having difficulty being heard:

"You'll like this one. We were at a council/developer meeting this evening in Wokingham. There will be 1200 new homes built behind my house. Along with that, an extra road relieving traffic and noise, sound barriers to the nearby motorway, a secondary school, much improved protection from flooding, a large nicely landscaped area to walk my dogs, a brand new national class restaurant and pub nearby and a park and ride 300 meters away direct to one of the best shopping centres in the county. How much is that going to increase the selling price of my house... tax free having done nothing for all the gain? Does £100,000 seem too conservative? But the Town Hall was full of spokespeople for residents associations protesting fiercely "for it all to be stopped". Are these loudly vocal 'advocates' really speaking for the people they claim to represent. Or is there something much deeper they are trying to hide"

Who knows. All we can be certain of is that whatever happens we can be sure the entire community will benefit from a tidy increase in the selling price of their homes.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

News: MeltFund offers 2 million fund in aid of campaigns to abolish charity

The 2 million will be taken from our huge fund of 200 million.

There will 2 winners chosen each receiving 1 million.

Successful applicants will conform to the following principles:
  1. Speed by which their proposal estimates it can abolish charity
  2. Most efficient methodology to free up funding and donations from organised charity and philanthropy
  3. The most credible and easy to understand explanation why charity is a major cause of poverty
Please apply with your proposal draft no longer than 200 words to:

Robin Smith
CFO Meltfund

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Runaway global warming is essential to save the planet

Lets just assume for the sake of this idea that the theory of climate change is perfect and the effects of not doing anything about it will cause runaway climate change.

We hear you, that is a big ask, despite the whole world believing in it as an article of fear and blind faith. Lets just go with it for the sake of this idea.

Then consider Consensus Reality, the inanimate spirit of civilisation. The general belief by the most people about what reality actually is in terms of the most important factors of life. Its not the whole of reality. It is what most people believe is true unencumbered by fights over political, religious or ideological beliefs.

Today, the greens have done a brilliant job, using fear and end of time scenarios to convince consensus reality that the world  will end by global warming if we do not stop growing our children, our economy, our creativity and our imaginations. The primary goal of The Greens is to turn the world into armies of the walking dead. Zombies with no will to explore the limits of the universe.

Everyone now believes the world will end if we do not stop growing humanity - thanks to The Greens.

This is a terrible mistake we must thank them for.

Look around and see how there is no driving force, no necessity that produces a mother of invention remaining in the spirit of humanity. To all inents and purpose it might as well be dead. And whats the point in life without that spirit.

The only way the spiritual phoenix has ever been revived in the armies of the walking dead, is an immediate existential threat to their dead spirit.

So if consensus reality chooses to regress itself by morbid green ideology, that life threatening event will never happen. Humanity will not evolve. As if saying:

"House prices are too high. So we need to bring down the economy to make them cheaper"

This is a classic psychological case history for a psychotic refusing to address root cause by looking in the mirror.

But if we let go of our fear of death, by letting the dead bury their dead, planetary existence will be genuinely experience the threatened authentically and that will trigger the crucifixion and reincarnation of something rather important.

The Phoenix will rise again with authenticity. And humanity will move right on over what we used to think was the final frontier with confidence dealing with every obstacle in our path, just like any hero heading off for adventure.

Reborn, we will live again. But the greens do not want the people to experience life or for life to be found on earth.

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Capitalism has a natural negative feedback loop. A very positive thing

The planet saver complains about the capitalist. Because he is "speculating".

The planet saver presumes that all speculation is bad or that speculation is bad in itself. But an inanimate function is neither good nor bad in itself. It just is and the outcome is what we make of it.

So where is the unbounded ignorance of the planet saver suffering confusion this time?

In economics there are 2 general classes of assets that can be speculated in:
  1. Assets which have positive cost of production - anything involving the investment of labour and existing capital
  2. Assets which have zero cost of production - any derivative of an economic rent
The one has a built in negative feedback or lets say a negative coefficient. So the more speculation in it, the more its price will be competed away to the margin of further exchanges - its true price will be discovered the more speculation is allowed to operate on it the more quickly. Surely this is a good thing - the market free'd up to its upper extent makes everything as cheap as possible in the fastest time.

The other has a built in positive feedback or lets say a positive coefficient. So the more speculation in it, the more its price will diverge and form a bubble until eventually bursting - the price will keep rising until no one can afford it any more and the market for it will inevitably collapse - the market effectively closed to free exchanges making everything more expensive and the quality of the thing being exchanged lowered to equalise that loss, and ultimately a total loss.

So the revelation in this economics 101 is that speculation is a fantastic thing for price discovery in a natural market for produced goods and services in the course of exchange. But is a monstrous leviathan in a closed market of trading economic rents for things where no work and enterprise is involved yet there is enormous profit.

What the planet saver does not affirm due to being too busy "helping", is that the latter positive feedback loop is how the economies of all nations operate today - the free market is great, but such a market has yet to be found - the capitalist is great, but show me a true capitalist.

Thus the world needs to adopt an approach of modern systemic slavery to mitigate all the losses. Regulation, Welfare, Benefit Scrounging on all levels, Taxation, Charity, Philanthropy, Organised Religion - all profoundly unjust institutions.

Where if the market were freed up and nature were allowed to run her course, these seemingly virtuous institutions would be seen for what the really are - inherently corrupt, so immediately abolished.

Because consensus reality is "too busy to think" this will never happen, yet we will keep blaming the capitalism straw man. The irony of ironies is when this is pointed out to the proud self confessed capitalist and libertarian. All of a sudden they will start to talk like a socialist. Fascinating denial psychology.

And so it goes...

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