Friday, 19 September 2014

Global Welfare Society - Childcare

As an alien one would guess that the parent brought up the child.

But even in modern western democracy, this activity is in fast decline.

Now, both parents need to go to work to pay the rent and mortgage instead of just the one. Soon the children will be sent to work again no doubt.

And who now brings up our children? Somebody other than the parents.

Child Care.

And who pays for this. On the face of it, the parents pay for child care.

But this is untrue. Parents get child benefit. And this is paid for out of taxation.

From the earnings of everyone else, whether they have children or not, 50% of their earning will be taxed and part of that will go toward the care of somebody else's children.

How do you think our children will turn out when their parents shun them most of the time?

By what right must adults without children pay for the child care?

Why are adults having children when they are about to go ahead and neglect them.

These questions are all answered when one integrates the idea of a global state of welfare, where in general the people expect to be looked after.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tax is inherently unjust

We're not saying we have a remedy. We are saying this is true and it's time to start looking for one.

There is a simple alternative.  But is it a true remedy?

Since 7700BC taxation has been the most hated social institution.

And the amount the people have been taxed has always increased to maximum levels, prior, to the end of each civilisation.

You cannot even make gifts to people you love or hate without that being a crime unless you pay tax on it. So tax discourages acts of love. The very thing we could do with a bit more of today.

Using primary school math and an open mind not strangled by prejudice and puritanical dogma,  we can show that government only needs 10% of GDP to fully perform it's first and only duty.

Today globally tax rates when all totted up run at 50% of earnings in general. The surplus 40% is used to fund welfare programs to mitigate the effects of taxation itself.

Taxation in a civilisation has never been this high in all history.

How will history testify in the supreme court of cosmic justice this time we wonder?

Thanks to tax, property is the only worthy investment

Property is untaxed in the end. So where do you think all wise capital is invested?

All other assets are highly taxed. So where do you think all the foolish capital goes?

You will hear all sorts of excuses, straw men, question begging and denial from the fools.

The wise man will remain silent.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Depth Science

Depth Science is understanding of the whole universe - the Pleroma. 

Current Science is the understanding of part of the universe - the literal world of material wealth alone. A partial world of only cause and effect.

The pleromal universe is the entire universe including things we already understand and things we do not yet understand.

Depth Science is avoided by mainstream science like the plague. In general our academies of learning only teach our young about what we already know so are self fulfilling in maintaining the status quo. 

Change only comes from science in general when a major personal sacrifice of love for the pleroma has been made by that rare person.

Examples of Depth Science:
  • The quantum
  • Mathematical calculus
  • The meaning of space and time
  • Observed and measured events which coinvide but with no causal connecting principle
  • etc...
Examples of Depths Scientists:
  • Henry George - his nemesis: Karl Marx or Alfred Marshall
  • Nikola Tesla - his nemesis: Thomas Edison
  • Wolfgang Pauli - his nemesis, Albert Einstein
Depth scientists have made bold leaps by exploring how to create a conjunction of the opposites in their particular field.

Clearly Depth Science is highly controversial so current science requires protectors of high intellect to defend the mainstream. Because for one it delves into mysteries and the unknown, it cannot easilly be measured materially and literally. 

But also because there are massive vested interests to protect from new knowledge that would bankrupt those holding the monopolies of current science.

Depth Science clears away monopoly power and frees up the market once again such that all comers are now back on a level playing field. No more welfare, subsidy, benefit scrounging and protectionism for the wealthy and poor... for a while.

Nevertheless, a rational man is certain there are things that happen, which everyone experiences, that commonly accepted limits of mainstream science cannot explain.

We know the effects of the quantum but are oblivious as to why. Ditto for gravity and space time. We experience all these things but mainstream science seems to forbid a more whole understanding of them.

We know calculus works when one side approaches zero and the other infinity. Yet no scientist questions why that seeming paradox might be.

We know there are deep personal and collective events of the psyche which have a connection to material events. But who will dare mention them without putting his career, family and remaining material life in grave jeopardy.

The only thing which seems to be common across the yet to be explained in Depth Science is they all involve opposites which when brought together in a conjunction of those opposites, just work out so perfectly.

Depth Science is the leap of science over a new frontier to explore what exists which we do not yet know. While at the same time treating contemporary science with extraordinary levels of respect and patience.

This courtesy is essential to prevent rejection by mainstream science due to its huge embedded vested interests. If one is doing well out of the mainstream already, even if you believe you are saving the planet, you will never give it up and step onto authentic new ground.

Depth Science is essentially questioning the Old God's of the consensus reality. And the enormous collective power of that consensus, no matter how seemingly noble and just, will resist any new god.

At the cost of new knowledge and a more whole life for any who choose it.

Depth Science asks scientists to look beyond material wealth for an understanding of the whole world. Current Science objects to that call more than all else because it us only concerned with material wealth. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Love, expect nothing in return, do it all in secret, and go far

If you love those who love you,
What credit is that to you?
Even your enemies,
Love those who love them.

And if you do good to those who are good to you,
What credit is that to you?
Even your enemies,
Do that.

And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment,
What credit is that to you?
Even your enemies,
Lend to those from whom they expect to be paid back in full.

But love your enemies,
Do good to them,
And lend to them without expecting to get anything back.

Then your life will be great,
You will become your own master,
And you will no longer need Me.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


You are the best of us
You are too hard on yourself
And you underestimate what you do give