Monday, 28 July 2014

MeltFund - World number 1 economic forecaster

Strange how the world's top economists are clueless. They get paid enormous salaries and are listened to by the world's leaders but can never give an even remotely accurate forecast of their own subject matter expertise and object noun.

More evidence here in the London Times. "We never saw the recovery coming,  it was a real surprise to us, last month we were warning the UK was in danger of overheating."

That's OK.  Ignore them and simply point your browser to MeltFund who predicted all significant economic events since our inception and exactly what to do about them to find life and then wealth.

Basically all you need to do is invest in property and get rid of all other assets because it's the only thing that rises in value is tax free and work free. Even in recessions, all of which are caused in the largest amount by speculation in land,  property us still better because everything else falls even more in value than property. 

Meltfund is a no lose scenario. We are also the worlds only legal pyrsmid scheme. Join us by sending all your money via PayPal to

AMWAY is far too timid in its collection of economic rent

One of our clients was 'given' this in his office the other day. Its one of the 'products' or 'vehicles' AMWAY have been using in their enterprise.

As you know, the only way to make a profit in this world is to collect rents. Hard work, skill and enterprise - using capital, collecting its interest - is really for mugs and fools.

What AMWAY does is very good in principle - pyramid selling is how economic rents are collected. Economic rents are the getting of the work of another without the giving of your own in exchange.

The problem for any pyramid sale not based directly on the value of property in land is it only gets a teeny amount of rent. Because a load of other 'managers' have already skimmed most of the rest not to mention the de facto land owner.

So AMWAY have the right idea, but are rather timid with it.

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