Thursday, 10 December 2009

The difference between the Law and Justice. Do our law lords have a handle on it ?

I had the opportunity of spending 15 minutes with the charming Lord Walpole, descendant of the 1st Prime Minister of Great Britain, last night after a speech by Baroness Haymen on reform of parliament. The speech was a bit of a disappointment, said to be calling for systemic reform of the Lords and Commons, though in what terms and in what context it was not at all clear. I asked the usual in question time at the end:

If the Law allows the state to confiscate wealth from the producers and hand it out as free gifts to the non producers, is it any wonder that the non producers will be tempted and the economy will crash periodically ?

It fell on deaf ears mostly or on ears claiming it was not in the remit of reform ! It wasnt all that fell on deaf ears. Talking later to the Baron the topic was expenses and why the public and its leaders are still unable to reconcile their differences on the matter.

My response was that the people know intuitively that the scandal was unjust and immoral but are confused because it was perfectly legal activity. And its quite simple if you can see that what is written on a piece of paper as the law is not always justice. In other words sometimes the Law we make is Unjust.

The point was utterley lost on both the Baron and a bystander who both remain confused as far as I can tell.