Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Engineers tell us there is not enough land and energy to save the planet !

In response to an energy forum post today, I was being accused of ignorance when suggesting there is plenty of energy to go around and that Copenhagen was a great sham.

On the contrary, the ignorance lies on the other side, when the simple facts are examined in the links above. I'm asserting that the real problem does not lie within the finite limits of the planet, but with the unjust social institutions and failed governments that make the planet artificially limited. And who employ stooges at our universities and in our media to go around telling us this is so. Read on...


This is curious. I do not think anyone has read the posting yet. This is quite common for anyone in denial about simple facts when not examined. But a great surprise coming from engineers !

"That the planet is finite". Well even a child knows that. The point is that a child also knows we have never approached these limits and are unlikely to do so for a very very long time evidently. How come a single child of 10 years is more intelligent on this matter than ten thousand man years of engineering on this forum? Very curious indeed. Something much deeper must be going on.

I am saying that: 10000 times energy demand is supplied continuously. What is it that is stopping us demanding a tiny fraction of that ? When abundant:

1) technology exists
2) labour exists evidently (13 billion hands)
3) money exists (we can create as much of this as we like, evidently)
4) subsidies exists (fossil use is heavily subsidised even after 100 years of free lunch)
5) land exists (0.003% or 1/34000 of the surface area required for solar)
6) minerals exit to make the capital works (the earth has a lot of glass, copper, iron etc, need I go on)

There appears to be nothing stopping us from commencing the greatest capital works project in history, of which all on this forum would be a part, and have a job doing, and earn a pension to strive for, in the security that your children would be safe, for ever.

Now I ask you the question again:


Is it our willing hard work, our intellect, our skill, our industry, our knowledge ? Or is it our tacit alliance in fear of upsetting the powerful interests and threatening our current jobs and lives that is really at the bottom of not thinking here ?

Please. No more intellectual obfuscation. No more arrogance saying that the truthful logic of a child is not good enough. You will need to think hard and antagonise vested interest if you genuinely want to find the truth on this one. Have we all got the courage to do that I wonder ?