Thursday, 10 June 2010

Who will actually get the blame ?

Greece have already done it. Cameron has started to do it.

But I'm quite hopeful that the people, who already see through this cowardice and are sick of it, will make a choice to get rid of corruption and choose a pathway of success and prosperity. IMO this requires that we start by :
  1. Finding some quality time away from wageslavery to think, on a regular basis *
  2. Using that time to examine the simple economic and political facts with care **
  3. Confidently reaching inevitable, fundamental conclusions without expert help
  4. Accepting complicity individually and collectively
  5. Acting on these either by voting with integrity or overwhelming the status quo in the interim somehow
Not complex, but very hard.

If not I fear the globe will be in even deeper trouble economically and politically if that is possible. People, through fear, will seek out for blame, those least able to defend themselves as is always the case in times of crisis. The ones likely to get the blame will play out in the following order:
  1. Immigrants ***
  2. The poor and unemployed
  3. Finally, if the crisis persists, an entire political class
Its difficult to determine #3. Will it be on the left or the right. Probably the social class will get it in the neck . Because the class at bottom of it all from the beginning, the finance and real estate owning class, is the de facto government of the globalised world. And they have all the power over the media and the quasi-govenrments by which the masses are controlled.

* This is probably the biggest roadblock today for even the middle classes. As few have time away from the media propaganda, wage slaving to pay off racking debts etc
** This is easy once it has been experimented with for the first time. It requires no special intellect. Anyone can do this with ease. We only have to choose to do it.
*** As can be seen already though protectionism