Monday, 6 September 2010

Home-Owner-Ist's, The Matrix has you!

Homeownerists and Landownerists are fully connected to the "Matrix". How come, what is this "land owning matrix" ?

Observed facts, historic evidence, analogies, inductions and deductions, all simple to see, in infinite quantity, all things that 5 year olds can see with clarity, yet are fiercely denied by intelligent adults. When these people are not being challenged on it directly, they treat the obvious injustices with indifference.

The institutions of private property in land, private control of the nations money supply and global warming politics are perfect examples of chronic macro denial. Denial of irrefutable facts and self evident truths.And the power controlling and supporting all this being the Private State.

Society is mentally very sick indeed. It needs much counselling. But not on "what is in it for me"

What prevents them from "waking up" is their "fear of want". They are slaves compelled to just do as they are told and not to think for themselves. Even the middle class ones. In fact these are the most in fear and the least thinking.

This is evident in the newspaper forums where no progress is ever made. Never is the moral case made clearly. Always the case for the "pocket" is made strongly. And as a result political special treatment is sought by each side, winners and losers. Before any sensible consideration has been made at the root.

Martin Wolf FT
Comment is Free, The Guardian

You cannot move the masses to radical change by discussing "what is in it for them". You can move them if you show what is "right from wrong"

Now then, when are we going to get off our immoral high horses and focus on the moral case for reform. The thing no one dares to discuss?