Friday, 10 June 2011

The Free State - Where is this place?

The Free State is my vision for a better life. Its a place that already exists, The Undiscovered Country. We just choose not to live there yet.

What I'm trying to make clear is that if we did make the journey to this new country, it would represent a step change in social organisation. Perhaps the most beneficial change in society since civilisation began 10,000 years ago.

An evolution of mankind through social organisation.

The journey is not a shocking leap from where we are today. It just asks that we:
  • Start using society to benefit all, not just ourselves
  • Boldly take action for the changes that will get us there
  • Admit that today, all of us do neither. We must really mean it.
This is not a counsel of perfection. There would still be problems. But by organising this Free State, all other problems will be that much easier to deal with. And by remaining at home nothing will change. Its possible we may not get all the way there. I want to show it's worth attempting the journey.

The Free State is a social organisation where all people:
  • Have equal access to all natural opportunities
  • Trade and exchange on a level playing field, a true free market
  • Pay fully for benefits received from the social surplus
  • Ensure government does no more than protect these equal rights
The new covenant promised by the Free State is that both government and the free market will work in harmony, yet independently, for the benefit of all people. Equality in association. This is the natural law of human progress.

Staying at home is opposing this natural law. Look across the panorama of history to see the results of that rebellion.

True, the Free State is a place that will rock the very foundations of contemporary society. You might say that sounds like too big a task or that the dark and powerful won't let it happen. If that is how you think, I say to you that is all the more reason to go there. Yes, to do all of this, then we must be bold.

Today's home is fully corrupted by both the Welfare State and the Private State. Both encourage systemic robbery, wasteful destruction and increasing poverty. Just in different forms. The one brings kleptocracy. The other, oligarchy. The degree of robbery each brings is the same in the end.

Democracy, in its current form, intensifies the effects because the corruption is done in the name of the people.

I mean to abolish these out of date social organisations by changing the law. No exemptions. No compensation. You need to elect me to do that. Remember, we are "The Bold". Lets leave home again, find a new one, and really mean it.

There is nothing technically complex about all this nor anything to lose. You will hear opponents encouraging you to believe this is all impossible. Tempting you in the wilderness. Are these "The Bold"?

We all have the power to see through this deception by using our own minds, thinking carefully for ourselves and only then appealing to authority and expertise if we still need to.

It's simply a change of mind by the mass of people. Where people start to like nature more than themselves. And then like other people as much as themselves. It is a moral question plain and simple. Freedom and wealth are the only winners. Dependency and corruption the only losers.

In making this call some people may say I'm a foolish dreamer. I say to them, if asking for more freedom, more equality and more happiness is just a dream, then yes, I am a fool.

Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, "Because it is there'". For him the higher ground was up there, and that is all that mattered to him, it was his dream, his vision. By what right could anyone deny him that?

Then, 50 years ago John F Kennedy, who was soon to die in the cause of freedom, was asked "Why choose the Moon?". He also said because it is there. Certainly the moon is very high ground.

Well, the Free State is up 'there' too. And new hopes for knowledge and peace are 'there'. And I am asking you to go 'there'. Is there any higher ground than this?

This is my dream. My vision.

Though we must face risk getting there, the rewards will eventually be far greater. So the question I put to you all is this:

     Are you one of "The Bold"?

This Undiscovered Country represents no more than the values mankind has been talking and dreaming about for millennia. Let us finally put these words and ideas into action and set out on the road, to the The Free State.