Monday, 6 June 2011

Get rich quick - Trade Property. Collect Rent. Avoid Tax.

To explain the graph, what do we mean by Earnings, Tax and Rent exactly?
  • Earnings are the share of total production that go to workers and enterprises, as wages, salaries and the return to created and invested capital. Earned incomes. Money and credit are not capital in the economic sense. Nor are shares, bonds or any other pieces of paper created as IOU's. They are obligations to transfer existing wealth from one to another and add nothing to the common stock. We like money its a very useful labour saving device, its just not capital. Understand this and find yourself soon on the narrow path
  • Tax should be self explanatory. What is taken from total production, work and enterprise, to fund government. Most tax is used to pay welfare and welfare is an unearned income or windfall. We're not saying we should abolish it. We are saying it is unearned and an unnatural distortion.
  • Rent, specifically economic rent, is the share of total production that goes to the ownership of non productive assets. Things that have value and command wealth but have zero cost of production. Unearned incomes or monopoly profits. Such as the location value of property(mainly 'interest' on mortgage assets), the unearned profit from cornering a market, natural resource rents and other smaller scale monopoly profits such as can be gotten from intellectual property monopolies. We like rent. Remember that its not capital either and find yourself even further along the path. We want rent to increase in quantity, because that is the primary indicator of a society in advance
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