Friday, 21 October 2011

Why is it hard to tax the wealthy?

We're not saying the wealthy should or should not be taxed, more or less than now.

We are pointing out why, no matter how much the wealthy are taxed, property owners, can never be made to pay much tax. Because their biggest asset is virtually untaxed in the end. AND, ITS THE LAW!

This is why taxes always fall on workers and enterprise, depending in what proportion ones income is distributed among property and doing other work.

Most of a wealthy persons assets are in Land. We're not complaining, making a judgement or being moral. We are pointing out observed fact.

The SMART folks, with knowledge, will only invest in property, holding long or short positions based on the 19 year property cycle, flipping and yielding rents in between. As well as the automatic tax avoidance just from investing in property, the really wise corporate investors can integrate further using REIT's and CFD's

Affirm it or deny it, that is entirely your choice, I will not judge you on that. Affirm it and understand how to lead an easy life. Deny it and struggle.

The basis of the economy is founded on 2 things:
  1. Privatisation of natural resource, mainly location values, giving a huge windfall to anyone with property
  2. Socialisation of private property, what enterprise produces through it hard work and industry, by taxation at rate of 50% of earnings
We're not asking you to agree with this. We are asking you to think about it very carefully.

Policy of all party's is the same here where it matters most. So get rid of your political beliefs if you want to live, and then find wealth.