Friday, 21 October 2011

Whats the location value of a tented property?

Same as any other.

I'm on my way back to Occupy London. Am worried my tent pitch may have moved or worse been buried rows deep away from the high footfall.

Im pitched outside 'Paul' on the front row. This is ideal to capture passers by and get them into dialogue on wages. Its a most fruitful location in terms of that.

People stop look at The Graph and are so astonished many start talking about it. TV crews I can ask over for a chat very easily. The mystery here is nothing is being reported.

A friend yesterday, correctly, suggested that I will soon be in a battle with other rent seekers to maintain this most valuable location pitch.

He is correct. If I lose it or it gets buried as rows more tents arrive, the rental value will drop to no more than a place to protest passively and sleep.

Worse still, the protocol if you are leaving a pitch vacant, is is to put it in the vacant property log so that homeless or others can use it on a temporary basis. I deliberately avoided this. More proof of my selfish rent seeking.

We are all at it!