Thursday, 16 February 2012

Raspberry Pi

This is wonderful technology.

It may well increase the productive power of the economy.

So what will it do about the distribution of that new found wealth?

If successful it will have made a contribution to the widening of that gulf.

The owners of the privatised commons will take all the gain.

Technology alone cannot change the world. Ending the theft of both private and common property can.

This is not a counsel of despair. It is observed fact seen in all times and all places.

Neither is it a counsel of perfection. There will still be problems.

But until we admit the current paradigm is less practical than the radical change I propose, poverty and destruction are inevitable.

By amazing coincidence as I was writing this in Costa's today my MP3 on random shuffle started playing the following:

The Effect on Production, Progress and Poverty, Henry George.


Try explaining this simple idea to a grown up... no idea whatsoever. To a child? They get it immediately.

The people are very ill. We need to give them a lot of help. The worst affected need the most help. Those who believe technology will help offset their denial are among the most needy of all.