Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ineffective Remedies

I'm amazed at how apparently intelligent people make the following generalised proposals for reform. Clearly they have not thought more deeply about the effects than their master, funders, pay check will allow.

For all cases, the only thing that is certain in general is that each will increase the price of land and the costs of rents. The landowner taking all the gain. The enterprise and worker no better off.

This sounds too incredible to take right? Wrong, it is the simple truth. The natural law. The law of rent. Bet you can't guess who wrote it?

"OUR CONCLUSIONS point to a solution. It is so radical that it will not be considered if we believe less drastic measures might work. Yet it is so simple that its effectiveness will be discounted until more elaborate measures are evaluated.

Let us review current proposals to relieve social distress. For convenience, we may group them into six categories:
  • More efficient government
  • Better education and work habits
  • Unions or associations
  • Cooperation
  • Government regulation
  • Redistribution of land"