Sunday, 11 March 2012

Neo Georgism - "Tax on labour and LVT are both OK"

More in The Matrix series. Here is the policy of a neo georgist. They will say:

LVT is a good way to fund government... alongside a series of taxes on our work and enterprise.

A preposterous proposition, because both sources of revenue cancel out. The more LVT collected, the less tax is required to bring about economic justice. *

Why do they rarely ask the critical question of which source of revenue has the greatest power: to increase productivity, to reduce corruption, to encourage jobs and innovation, to deliver representation in democracy, to raise wages, to reduce involuntary welfare, to create an increasing surplus, and most stupidly of all, to avoid evasion! And so on...

These fundamental questions are rarely asked and traced back to the root, due it seems to a matter of denial. Or a lack of faith in justice and liberty if you like.

I've noticed these folks are often atheists too or the false prophets misrepresenting the religious texts. People without confidence, strength, commitment, and proud of it. This is scary.

The next thing you will here them say as a land owner is:

LVT is a good idea, I will pay up. But I won't stop collecting rent or pocketing the increasing value of my location as an unearned income.

Mmm. Or as a home owner:

LVT is a good idea, I will pay up. But how will I pay the mortgage. Why should I pay twice for use of the land?

Huh? Or as a tenant:

LVT is a good idea. I'm already paying as much as I can in rent. How can I pay any more?

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. The Matrix has them.

* I do not support LVT. I do support the idea of collecting the value of the land for government revenue, whatever form that might take. But only when the people have agreed democratically that taxing work and enterprise is fundamentally unjust and impractical.