Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2012 Local Elections - Real Reform nomination papers are in and accepted

Will I pitch a tent in Wokingham Market Place?
I'm on the ballot. Was a bit of a chore getting it all sorted. Even so Electoral Services were brilliant as usual. Processed it all right away. A welcome contrast to other government departments.

When scouting for nominations, which is great fun, its always a good idea to get 3 reserves just in case. So 13 "assentees". You need 10. You can nominate yourself which is a bit weird.

This time it turned out that 1 chap was not even on the electoral roll and another was but had already nominated another candidate which is not allowed.

So I had to make 3 journeys to Shute End to make the changes. Even crossing out  an entry "must be done by you Mr Smith!". Fair enough.

All good fun.