Monday, 16 April 2012

Who owns your body and what is its selling price?

Your home has a selling price. It also has a rental value. But what about your body? I jest ye not.

We can see the capitalised selling price of a UK home harmonises well with the income stream at about 5%:
So how about your body. How much would your work be worth to sell in perpetuity imagining that were still possible? We certainly rent out our bodies today. We call that the "labour market", the earnings we call "wages".
  • Median UK wage after 50% nominal tax £10,500
  • Capitalised human body price £210,000 (slave)
So owning the land brings 10% higher return than owning the bodies of people.

There is an economic theory that says in general, as soon as the value of land exceeds the value of slave labour, its no longer worth owning slaves. It's much better to set them free and charge them rent before they can start earning  instead. Throw in the democratic vote as a teaser.

There are loads of added bonuses. No need to keep them fed, in good health, sheltered and under guard, enormous expenses. And if the demand for what they make drops off you can throw them onto the state no problem. No risk.

BIG BUT: There is a subtle difference today. You don't need to own the land directly to enslave the people any more. Now you only need to own the thing used to exchange the land values. The Money. Mortgage interest being nominally Rent.

That makes you an EVEN more effective slave owner. No need to do anything at all any more. No more expensive wars of conquest national or international. Let the state do that for you too.

You will now get ALL their work, without having to give ANY of your own in exchange, if you own The Money.

Banks. Our 21st century aristocratic masters of old, different name, still slavery.

p.s. Banker bonuses are merely better pay going to better slaves all to increase bank revenues. The slave masters  are not stupid. They hire the best slaves and pay them well. These are not the wisest or most intelligent. Just the most ambitious.