Friday, 18 May 2012

Religion believes and encourages systemic theft.

Allow me to make myself abundantly clear.

I am about to talk about a sin permeating ALL institutions of religion. I have seen this not only in the christian church but also the synagogue and the mosque.

This sin is the primary corrupt social institution MOST obscured by all religions. Once recognised and its fundamental nature understood, more time will be devoted to obscuring it than spent teaching people to believe.

I am not, even for a moment, talking about the message and way of Jesus Christ which I believe are true. I will go as far as saying that He was pointing out exactly this sin too as part of the message in the parables.

I'm currently engaged with some "radical" believers. These are good honest people sick and tired of how the old church is no longer doing the work of Christ. Here's the issue:

These good people are making some shocking interpretations of the bible and using unjust representations of its ideas in order to protect the notion of private property in land. And seem determined to uphold themselves on that. The more evidence brought forward against it, the deeper the denial goes and the more metaphysical language is used in an attempt to obscure "what if the eyes are open can be seen clearly".

But property in land is very clearly banned for eternity in Leviticus 25:23

The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.

Clearly ALL the land HAS been sold PERMANENTLY across the entire world. This is certain to all reasonable people no doubt about it. The land no longer BELONGS to God in our eyes, futile as that is. We are clearly saying we no longer need God by attempting to own God's earth. The ultimate sin.

But the response I get is "There are mitigating circumstances that make it expedient to break this Law". Oh dear oh dear. This is the same excuse we hear from atheists who say "we must be expedient in order for it to be politically practical". Morals come second to private gain it seems once again.

Not to mention 25:24 which demands redemption of all land, which seems like it will never happen nor are these good people willing ever to let it be redeemed it seems, at least until the apocalypse. In the mean time 1000's of little ones starve daily as a result, out of sight, out of mind evidently. But He can see all of us.

While the results of work and enterprise are stolen from the people through taxation, to protect the economic value of land stolen from God for private gain, God's earth can never be redeemed for his people. Not in this universe:

Throughout the country that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land.

Clearly the land has been sold permanently across the entire world. Rent is now being collected privately for all of it. And that increasing rent (from falling wages) is falling into fewer and fewer hands. We will NEVER be redeemed until ... the second coming? Surely the Lord meant much more than this in the New Covenant. Surely we can resolve this sin of systemic theft while we wait.

Meanwhile we are compelled to mitigate the obvious effects, poverty, dependency, war, recession, destruction. All supported by religious institution, even the radicals.

What would be amusing if not so serious is these guys become aggressive when we reach a point of certainty where either they must change their view or sink deeper into denial. Blaming me for being rude, aggressive, patronising and not listening! Isn't this projection of their own feelings onto me due to the denial?

Likewise no points of certainty are EVER conceded by them during any part of the dialogue, just like anyone else when first introduced to it.. They want infinite evidence, which amounts to no less than a matter of faith, before they will believe it. Yet they constantly ask us to believe.

I'm not complaining about this. Just pointing out observed facts that show how very deep this goes and how it is soooo serious a problem. All in a days work. (:

The church as an institution, not as a source of truth and light, is among the class that owns the most valuable assets in land. This pious hypocrisy can only undermine the truth and the light. And make even more bold the powers of darkness.

I tried to make this clear to the St Paul's clergy during my time on the concrete at Occupy London, particularly those who claimed to have resigned "in the cause of justice". But failed for the same reasons.