Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tax Freedom Day

In Money Week yesterday: What Tax Freedom Day means for you

"Today is the UK’s Tax Freedom Day (TFD). This marks the date by which the average Brit will have earned enough money to pay his or her annual tax bill. So after today, you start working for yourself rather than for the government."

Not correct.

Now you start working for the landlord mostly. After that, you will start working for the bank. Then, you will start working to pay commuting fees on state-granted transport monopolies. Then you will start working for your pension, which you'll never get to enjoy. Only around about November, you will start working for yourself. *

This is known as a state of dependency. In the olden days it was called slavery. It's no use complaining about it. We submitted to it, through the ballot, what we choose to buy and by who we work for. All free choices.

* Thanks to Mr. Daniel Syddall.