Wednesday, 2 May 2012

We really hate our Wokingham old folks don't we.

I was chatting with someone in the gym tonight about the elections tomorrow. They were asking who to go to about an issue they have with Wokingham Council.

They are an enterprising small company doing care work. They have broken through all the usual business preventing, welfare creating barriers to entry and are now faced with the ultimate one.

They now have to bid, in an auction, against the big care work corporations, for a license to get onto the council register proper.

Who will bid highest and "win" the business?
  1. The enterprising small family who know exactly what happens at the coal face of caring for old people?
  2. Or the large care work corporation who's priority is the bottom line?
Clearly the amount large capital * can afford to bid is massively higher than a family enterprise in proportion to total earnings of either business. That's fair isn't it?

"I wouldn't mind if they did a good job at a fair price. But we all know what an appalling mess care work is in run solely by these guys"

This is true. My Mum had care for a bit until we realised all they did was come in for 5 minutes check Mum hadn't keeled over, had a cup of tea and left. That's not to say these workers are bad. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Nor am I against big corporations per se, but when they have monopolised the market for anything the universal Law of Monopoly Power emerges: 

    Higher Prices, Lower Quality

Even the council have no real power to change this as most of it will be commanded from central government. But Councillors ARE obliged as a first duty to represent their constituents when things are plain wrong and should put the heat on parliament with all their strength. But they are too timid.

Finaly even parliament struggle with their first duty, to protect the equal rights of all work and enterprise. Wealth accumulated by the big guys can buy the best lawyers in the land. Not to mention the corrupting lobby they always bring to bear on MP's to win the monopoly in the first place. These monopoly regulations are written for them and by them. Systemic corruption.

So in the end who does have the power to do something about all this in general, care work being just one example of how the corruption of monopoly power permeates all of society?

Its down to the people all of whom tomorrow have a democratic vote. There are no excuses here, either vote for what is best for all people or stop complaining.

I've been promised at least one vote tomorrow.

What I can promise this entrepreneur in exchange is the counsel they need to make a strong case with their leaders.

If that turns out to be me, bring it on!

* Monopoly power in reality. Capital only nominally