Saturday, 9 June 2012

"We need violence to control people!"

In a pub talk last night I was in dialogue with 2 intelligent and hard working men. We spent 3 hours trying to get to the bottom of their world view about society. It amounted to this:

"People, by nature, are violent. Therefore we need a state that threatens violence to control them"

Surely this is begging the question?

Not to mention disgusting and offensive to the minds of good people and seems to call for tyranny, dependency and slavery with a small ruling class?

Nor does it stand the test of reason and historical observed fact, which show that cooperation, equality and freedom, not violence are root cause of progress.

One of the gentlemen is a superb blogger, probably the best, in support of Land Value Taxation. Also a member of UKIP.

The other is a Cambridge university graduate who we had spent the entire 3 hour chat trying to help show that the unearned incomes of property in land cannot by natural right belong to the conqueror.

See here for analysis from observed history showing the ignorance of this view. Ignorance and selfishness and most other vices in general are bred by the systemic fear of becoming poor.

Privilege Causes Poverty

These two gentlemen are friends of mine, I know them well, they are good people, better than most I have met. Yet even these relatively well off people seem to be in fear of poverty too.

Can we all see how deep this problem has become?